M&E Software: A List

Well, the beginnings of a list…

PLEASE NOTE: No guarantee can be given about the accuracy of information provided on the linked websites about the M&E software concerned, and its providers. Please proceed with due caution when downloading any executable programs.

Contents on this page: Stand alone systemsOnline systems | Survey supporting software | Sector specific tools | Qualitative data analysis | Data mining / Predictive ModellingProgram Logic / Theory of Change modelingDynamic models | Excel-based tools | Uncategorised and misc other

If you have any advice or opinions on any of the applications below, please tell us more via this survey.

Stand-alone systems

  • AidProject M+E for Donor-funded aid projects
  • Flamingo and Monitoring Organiser: “In order to implement FLAMINGO, it is crucial to first define the inputs (or resources available), activities, outputs and outcomes”
  • HIV/AIDS  Data Capturing And Reporting Platform[Monitoring and Evaluation System]
  • PacPlan: “Results-Based Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Software and Process Solution”
  • Prome Web: A project management, monitoring and evaluation software. Adapted for aid projects in developing countries
  • Sigmah: “humanitarian project management open source software”

Online systems

  • Activity Info: “an online humanitarian project monitoring tool, which helps humanitarian organizations to collect, manage, map and analyze indicators. ActivityInfo has been developed to simplify reporting and allow for real-time monitoring”
  • AKVO: “a paid-for platform that covers data collection, analysis, visualisation and reporting”
  • Canva Mind Maps: “Create a mind map with Canva and bring your thoughts to life. Easy to use, completely online and completely free mind mapping software”
  • DevResults: “web-based project management tool specially designed for the international development community.” Including M&E, mapping, budgeting, checklists, forms, and collaboration facilities.
  • Granity: “Management and reporting software for Not-for-profits Making transparency easy”
  • IndiKit: Guidance on SMART indicators for relief and development programmes
  • Kashana: An open sourced, web-based Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) product for development projects and organisations
  • Kinaki: “Kinaki is a unique and intuitive project design, data collection, analysis, reporting and sharing tool”
  • Kobo Toolbox: “a free, more user-friendly way to deploy Open Data Kit surveys. It was developed with humanitarian purposes in mind, but could be used in various contexts (and not just for surveys). There is an Android data collection app that works offline”
  • Logalto:”Collaborative Web-Based Software for Monitoring and Evaluation of International Development Projects”
  • M&E Online: “Web-based monitoring and evaluation software tool”
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Online: Online Monitoring and Evaluation Software Tool
  • SmartME: “SmartME is a tried and tested comprehensive Fund Management and M&E software platform to manage funds better”
  • Systmapp: “cloud-based software that uses a patent-pending methodology to connect monitoring, planning, and knowledge management for international development organisations”
  • TolaData “is a program management and M&E platform that helps organisations create data-driven impact through the adaptive and timely management of projects”
  • WebMo: Web-based project monitoring for development cooperation

Survey supporting software

  • CommCare: a mobile data collection platform.
  • EthnoCorder is mobile multimedia survey software for your iPhone
  • HarvestYourData: iPad & Android Survey App for Mobile Offline Data Collection
  • KoBoToolbox is a suite of tools for field data collection for use in challenging environments. Free and open source
  • Magpi (formerly EpiSurvey)  – provides tools for mobile data collection, messaging and visualisation, lets anyone create an account, design forms, download them to phones, and start collecting data in minutes, for free.
  • Open Data Kit (ODK) is a free and open-source set of tools which help organizations author, field, and manage mobile data collection solution
  • REDCap,a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases… specifically geared to support online or offline data capture for research studies and operations
  • Sensemaker(c) “links micro-narratives with human sense-making to create advanced decision support, research and monitoring capability in both large and small organisations.”
  • Comparisons

Sector-specific tools

  • Mwater for WASH, which explicitly aims to make the data (in this case water quality). Free and open source
  • Adaptive Management Software for Conservation projects. https://www.miradi.org/

Qualitative data analysis

  • Dedooose, A cross-platform app for analyzing qualitative and mixed methods research with text, photos, audio, videos, spreadsheet data and more
  • Nvivo, powerful software for qualitative data analysis.
  • HyperRESEARCH “…gives you complete access and control, with keyword coding, mind-mapping tools, theory building and much more”.
  • Impact Mapper: “A new online software tool to track trends in stories and data related to social change”

Data mining / predictive modeling

  • RapidMiner Studio. Free and paid for versions. Data Access (Connect to any data source, any format, at any scale), Data Exploration (Quickly discover patterns or data quality issues). Data Blending (Create the optimal data set for predictive analysis), Data Cleansing (Expertly cleanse data for advanced algorithms), Modeling (Efficiently build and delivers better models faster), Validation (Confidently & accurately estimate model performance)
  • BigML. Free and paid for versions. Online service. “Machine learning made easy”
  • EvalC3: Tools for exploring and evaluating complex causal configurations, developed by Rick Davies (Editor of MandE NEWS). Free and available with Skype video support

Program Logic / Theory of Change modeling / Diagramming

  • Changeroo: “Changeroo assists organisations, programs and projects with a social mission to develop and manage high-quality Theories of Change”
  • Coggle:The clear way to share complex information
  • DAGitty: ” a browser-based environment for creating, editing, and analyzing causal models (also known as directed acyclic graphs or causal Bayesian networks)”
  • Decision Explorer: a  tool for managing “soft” issues – the qualitative information that surrounds complex or uncertain situations.
  • DCED’s Evidence Framework – more a way of using a website than software as such, but definitely an approach that is replicable by others.
  • DoView – Visual outcomes and results planning
  • Draw.io:
  • Dylomo: ” a free* web-based tool that you can use to build and present program logic models that you can interact with”
  • IdeaTree – Simultaneous Collaboration & Brainstorming Using Mind Maps
  • Insight Maker: “…express your thoughts using rich pictures and causal loop diagrams. … turn these diagrams into powerful simulation models.”
  • Kumu: a powerful data visualization platform that helps you organize complex information into interactive relationship maps.
  • Logframer 1.0 “a free project management application for projects based on the logical framework method”
  • LucidChart: Diagrams done right. Diagram and collaborate anytime on any device
  • Netway: a cyberinfrastructure designed to support collaboration on the development of program models and evaluation plans, provide connection to a virtual community of related programs, outcomes, measures and practitioners, and to provide quick access to resources on evaluation planning
  • Omnigraffle: for creating precise, beautiful graphics: website wireframes, electrical systems, family trees and maps of software classes
  • Theory maker: a free web app by Steve Powell for making any kind of causal diagram, i.e. a diagram which uses arrows to say what contributes to what.
  • TOCO – Theory of Change Online. A free version is available.
  • Visual Understanding Environment (VUE): open source ‘mind mapping’ freeware from Tufts Univ.
  • yEd – diagram editor that can be used to generate drawings of diagrams.  FREE. PS: There is now a web-based version of this excellent network drawing application

Dynamic models

  • CCTools: Map and steer complex systems, using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and others [ This site is currently under reconstruction]
  • Loopy: A tool for thinking in systems
  • Mental Modeller: FCM modeling software that helps individuals and communities capture their knowledge in a standardized format that can be used for scenario analysis.
  • FCM Expert: Experimenting tools for Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
  • FCMapper: the first available FCM analysis tool based on MS Excel and FREE for non-commercial use.
  • FSDM: Fuzzy Systems Dynamics Model Implemented with a Graphical User Interface

Mind-Mapping software (tree diagrams)

  • MindView: “a professional mind mapping software that allows you to visually brainstorm, organize and present ideas.”
  • XMind: “mind mapping and brainstorming tool, designed to generate ideas, inspire creativity, brings you efficiency both in work and life.”
  • MindManager: “
  • Plectica: “Diagram your thinking in real time, together”

Collaboration software

  • Miro:  which can be used to make a collaborative ToC.

Excel-based tools

  • EvalC3: …tools for developing, exploring and evaluating predictive models of expected outcomes, developed by Rick Davies (Editor of MandE NEWS). Free and available with Skype video support

Uncategorised yet

  • OpenRefine: Formerly called Google Refine is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data.
  • Overview is an open-source tool originally designed to help journalists find stories in large numbers of documents, by automatically sorting them according to topic and providing a fast visualization and reading interface. It’s also used for qualitative research, social media conversation analysis, legal document review, digital humanities, and more. Overview does at least three things really well.
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22 thoughts on “M&E Software: A List”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve updated a couple of times the following open wiki page trying to build step by step a repository of all available tools for the aid sector:

    In this list, I see 5 M&E tools which could be added in your list:
    KoBoToolbox (using ODK)
    ViewWorld (using ODK)

    I hope that could be useful.
    I’ll be glad if you could give me a way (RSS feed, low traffic twitter account, email newsletter, etc.) where I could follow the evolution of your list focused on M&E.



  2. Dear Rick,
    The list of M&E software is very impressive. You are great and an invaluable pillar the world of M&E professional. I have been receiving MandD News for the last four years which have been of immense use in my work.

    I am writing this to solicit your kind advice on the following:
    1. Where can I buy the above-listed M&E software?
    2. Do you have a training course on application of the software

    Please also advise in detail how I can put the software in regular application in the Horticulture and Livestock Project.

    Kindest Regards.


  3. Hi,

    I need a M&E Software.So please Which software is best for us.. We need a M&E Log based online system and its may be Program and project and Indicator and Activity / Sub Activity and export report in Word, excel and pdf.. report will be generate as per user requirement.. so need to custom report generation system…
    if you have best solution please help me .

    M Andana
    M&E Manager

  4. Thanks for taking note of our EpiSurveyor mobile data software (www.episurveyor.org). I notice that you put “Kenya” in parentheses after our entry, but you don’t clearly indicate to the reader what such a notation means. Just to be clear: EpiSurveyor is developed by DataDyne’s Kenya development team, but EpiSurveyor is a cloud-based solution that can be used by anyone in any country.

    In fact, EpiSurveyor is the most widely-used mobile data solution in the development sector, with more than 6000 users in more than 170 countries worldwide. Organizations using EpiSurveyor include UNICEF, WHO, the International Federation of the Red Cross, JSI, Abt Associates, Tula, Camfed, the World Bank, the IFC, CDC the Smithsonian Institution, and many, many government ministries.

    EpiSurveyor is used in health, conservation, supply chain, and many other fields. The mobile app runs on basic Symbian phones, Android, Blackberry, and (starting next week) iPhone. And simple data can be collecting using SMS from any phone.

  5. Hi

    Flamingo Monitoring Organiser is a web based M&E tool built on RBM – Results Based Management principles . It captures logframe info, action plan , results plan, and budget plan. It helps to build an M&E system that can make the program or project active and system controlled.

    It is available on annual subscription basis at a cost of USD 1000 for 10 projects.

  6. I would be pleased to have our M&E / RBM / Performance Management system added to the list. Our Live Enterprise Accountability Framework (LEAF) system is currently being deployed worldwide by UN Women and is in use by major Canadian government ministries. Please feel free to contact me and visit our website for more details.

  7. Web Based M&E Software

    There is a software called M&E Online which is very comprehensive. It is being used by many NGOs funded by USAID and World bank. It also has capability of managing multi country projects. You can check out the details at http://www.mandeonline.com

    M&E Online is a ready to deploy software tool. Works on Web, Offline mode & any Mobile Phone with GPRS. It is a M&E Framework where your existing Forms & Workflows can be mapped. We also have a complete Grants Management System which works integrated with the M&E system

    Website Link: http://mandeonline.com

    The Software Application has following features:
    1) Dynamic Dash Board: A Drag & Drop Customizable Dashboard of Key Performance Indicators for each user.
    2) GIS: Map your Beneficiaries / Service Providers on the Country Map for better identification & demarcation
    3) Program Details: Captures Data on the Beneficiaries of your Program and let you analyze the same vis-à-vis the demographics.
    4) Project & Budget Management: Can monitor how much funds have been utilised against each activity of the Project.
    5) Trip Management & Success Stories
    6) Data Entry & Reports: Data Collection from the Field & Analysis and Consolidation of the Reports.
    7) Survey Module: Conduct Custom Surveys & Dynamic Surveys (Create Surveys on the Fly)
    8) Training: Schedule Training, Invite participants by SMS & E-mail Alerts. Get Confirmation on attendance. Upload Participant List after Trainings end.
    9) E-Learning: Video, E-Books, News & Articles
    10) Workflow Management: Assign tasks to field officers on Workflows with alerts & deadlines
    11) Export to Excel, Word, PDF & SPSS or any of your existing Enterprise application like SAP / Oracle etc.

    Please do write back for any further queries or details on our M&E Software Tool. Also add me on Skype “mandeonline” for any further demo or discussions.

  8. Hi there,

    You might also want to check out Granity, it’s a comprehensive cloud-based system for monitoring and evaluation, data collection, management and reporting. Projects can be monitored in real-time across multiple locations.

    The website is: http://www.granity.org


    I am providing you a very brief detail of the software here below. We can discuss further details and can answer your queries.
    1. The first page when you login is where the projects are listed.
    2. You click on a project to select it. It will take you to project basic information.
    3. Project Information takes you to more details of a particular project.
    4. Indicators : You may change the parameters to see that they are reflected on the site.
    5. Key Activities: These are the key activities that are being tracked. Here again you can change the parameters.
    6. Personnel Section lists the persons working on monitoring the project. They have different level of privileges as assigned.
    7. Discussions: These are topics for discussion related to the project. So it’s a discussion forum to exchange ideas. It a KM feature.
    8. Document Management : All project related documents can be uploaded and stored in this section.
    9. Notes: The feature is for exchanging notes among team members.
    10. Support Management : It is a ticketing system where the team workers look for solution to their problems.
    11. Beneficiary Assessment : It takes care of the feedback sent by the stakeholders. It thus entails greater accountability.

  10. Hello, could you please recommend a software for collecting and reporting dynamic KPI data from multiple countries especially in the electricity sector. Tablaeau seems a bit complex

    Thank you in advance

  11. Hello,
    I am working with an organization having many agriculturalinterventions on the ground, hence we have too much data coming from the field. Can anyone share with me a sample of database having many interventions in different villages having saving groups/producer groups?


    M and E manager

  12. SoPact (http://sopact.com) reimagines technology for social impact assessment. To better the world, we believe that uncovering data for operational insights is imperative both at the organization’s operational level and as a contributor to the international community driving collective impact. SoPact is transforming the way impact is assessed and communicated. TurboMetrics is a new technology designed by SoPact specifically for larger social sector organizations to collect, store, and assess their impact data as well as communicate their social impact through simplified report generation.

  13. SoPact’s ( http://sopact.com )mission is to enable all organizations and initiatives to assess their human and environmental impact for a more sustainable and resilient future. Our dashboard allows for aggregated and customized data management and visualization.

    This new method for impact data identification, collection, and management will change the way social impact is understood. Our hope is to communicate the reality on the ground with sophisticated data. Our catalog of data includes over 2,500 impact metrics from expert metric reports such as IRIS, UN SDGs, and much more.

    • Cloud based with rapid deployment
    • Standards compliant – 2500+ metrics and growing
    • Portfolio based social + financial data insight
    • Visualizations Options: Dashboard, External Impact Viewer, Story Builder
    • Dymaic Query Data Management For Internal Staff, Evaluation & Learning
    • Exceptional User Experience

  14. May I suggest that you include Mobenzi as a SaaS managed service developed to enable fieldworkers to digitise their data collection processes in support of their measurement of social impact. Mobenzi has been around for over a decade as a custom solution, and more recently (2 years ago) introduced its SaaS service offering.

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