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  • Tue
    Barnett Hill Hotel, Surrey, UK

    The Challenge:

    Participation of stakeholders and citizens is increasingly recognized as a helpful and, in some circumstances, crucial ingredient when managing complex, adaptive socio-ecological systems. The scale, interconnectedness and ongoing dynamics of these systems require new approaches bringing together stakeholder knowledge and problem ownership with new complexity-appropriate tools. Such approaches have much to offer both ex-post evaluation and ex-ante policy appraisal.  However, methods for achieving effective participation are not well understood and often fail and participatory approaches for complex systems entail even greater challenges. Recently, there have been a range of interesting experiments and innovations involving aids to participation in complex adaptive systems ranging from immersive digital tools to “low tech” hands-on or experiential techniques.

    CECAN Workshop:

    We will be holding a workshop on 12-14 February, 2019, at the Barnett Hill Conference Centre, Surrey, UK, as a first step towards building an international community of those developing innovative, complexity-appropriate aids to participatory evaluation, to help people understand and steer their own complex systems and evaluate the effects of policies or other interventions.

    Our focus will be on exploring and synthesising new approaches to collective understanding, experiencing and interacting with socio-ecological-technical systems in which numerous scales of dynamics and complexity are at play.  We will examine the value of such approaches and how they could be used in collaborative system design and co-management and policy evaluation and appraisal, in particular to allow ordinary people, rather than simply policy makers or experts, to understand, steer and evaluate change in their own complex social systems. This will be a highly interactive and focused small workshop in which we will share, generate and kick start ideas and collaborations and all attendees will be expected to participate fully.

    Contributors Will Include:

    Petra Ahrweiler, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

    Luis Enrique García Barrios, College of the South Frontier, Mexico

    Nigel Gilbert, University of Surrey, UK

    Mizuki Oka, University of Tsukuba

    Alex Penn, University of Surrey, UK

    Pascal Perez, SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong, Australia

    Alex Smajgl, Deakin University, Australia

    Sha Xin Wei and Brandon Mechtley, Synthesis Center, Arizona State University, USA

    How to Apply:

    If you are interested in participating, please apply by 22 October 2018 by email tocecan@surrey.ac.uk attaching a statement outlining your background, expertise and what you could bring to the workshop (500 words maximum). We encourage creative and interactive proposals for sharing your ideas and approaches.

    The workshop will be held at the Barnett Hill Hotel in the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The hotel is within reach of London Gatwick Airport.  The registration fee of £550 includes all accommodation and meals at the Conference Centre from 11:00 on 12 February to 16:00 on 14 February.  Additional nights, before and after the workshop, can be booked at extra cost.

    The workshop is being organised by the Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus (CECAN) and is supported by the UK Economic and Social Research Council.

    Administrative enquiries can be made to cecan@surrey.ac.uk, and enquiries about the programme to n.gilbert@surrey.ac.uk

  • Mon
    Manila, Philippines

    The conference theme includes:

    1. Results evaluation and SDGs: The potent power of partnership for peace, security, and sustainable development

    2. Different milieus of interventions and results evaluation for peace, security, and sustainable development

    3. Results evaluation in the private sector and emerging ventures - what's the real score?

    4. Evaluation evidence and what's done to influence national policies and actions

    5. The must to strengthen evaluation communities for advancing peace, security, and sustainable development

    For more info please follow the conference website  http://apeaconference2019.com and follow the registration process below:

  • Wed
    Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Intersectionality as Critical Inquiry, Method, and Practice: Beyond Categories and Dichotomies in Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment


     Conference Focus Statement

    Escalating domestic and global tensions in our social, political, and economic institutions require that we acknowledge the urgency as well as imperative to expand how we conceptualize our work, so that it does not continue the perpetuation of underrepresenting the issues facing People of Color. These issues should be apparent to most, passively acknowledged by some, and indignantly ignored by others. When we frame the issues and opportunities that define our work, understanding intersectionality is essential if we are to avoid inadvertently prioritizing the needs of some over the conditions of others.

    Hosted by the College of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    If you would like to be added to the CREA listserv for future conference announcements and other information, or have other questions please contact us at: crea@education.illinois.edu

    Deadline for Submissions-September 15, 2018

  • Sun
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Conference website: http://www.c2019evaluationcanada.ca

    "Technical sessions, exhibitor displays, and interesting keynote speakers will connect and educate our guests. Evaluation knowledge, products, and services allow organizations to learn about new processes, techniques and best practices from your colleagues and peers.

    We hope that you’ll meet us on the bridge between theory and practice at the 2019 CES National Conference. From here we will sustain and improve what we’ve built and seek guiding beacons of light on the horizon that will help us navigate unchartered and unknown frontiers"

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  1. Monitoring and Evaluation is the key for change and development. The presence of a project or a program without monitoring and evaluation is not fruit full and cannot effectively and efficiently utilize the available resources for the project or program implementation or delivery. So, the development efforts on monitoring and evaluation is very crucial and important as it gives ways, mechanisms or systems in which the objective projects or programs. I am happy to be part of this association. I would like to thank the organizers for providing this learning and information sharing opportunity on monitoring and evaluation.

  2. Who are eligible to attend the Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL) and Geneva Evaluation Network (GEN) conference

  3. I suspect it is anyone who pays the conference fee :-) But check their website… there must be one

  4. How much is the conference fee per participant? Is it possible for you to send an invitation letter for two?

  5. If Africa is to really change in how it is being governed, independent monitoring and evaluation has to be made its integral companion.

  6. I wish to attend a knowledge sharing workshop on M&E of projects in the Asian region, to get improved my career. can you help me please.?

    M&E officer

  7. I want to attend the monitoring & evalaution workshops, would you please help me how to apply & the procedures?

    Mulat Tilahun
    M&E Officer

  8. I am requesting for more details on participation.I come from Kenya and I am m&E PRACTITIONER

  9. I am an M & E officer for a project in Africa dealing with conflict resolution. I am highly motivated on M & E issues and like to have an opportunity of sharing which I hope you can help me out. I will like to appreciate your work in supporting such initiatives.

    Alhaji Sali Usmanu

  10. I am M&E officer working in humanitarian organisation and I wish to attend this knowledge sharing conference on M&E. can you help me how to apply or proceed please.?

  11. Hello,
    I am a M&E student working on obtaining my Diploma from the Liberian Institute of Public Administration (LIPA). I have great interest in the course and wish to advance in any ways. Attending this knowledge sharing conference will impact me greatly.

  12. Hello, Everyone!
    I am looking to embark on an academic research on ‘Mainstreaming Monitoring and Evaluation System in Public Institutions for Effective Peacebuilding and Development Projects Implementation.
    Kindly assist me with materials by giving me links and sending me what you have.

  13. I work on M&E at the Ministry of Communications in Egypt. I work on Project with UNDP. I =attended an Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation course by INTRAC in Oxford, UK in year 2010 which has benefited me a lot. I am eager to get a training on Impact Studies. Kindly respond. Thanks.

  14. I am working as Impact Measurement Manager at an NGO called Teach For Lebanon. I would like to improve my skills and knowledge by attending workshops and conferences related to M&E. Please advise!

  15. Dear Conference organizers

    Kindly send me an invitation to attend this very important conference for this year 24- 29 October 2016.

    i need this invitation urgently in order for permission and funds to be released as soon as possible

    Thank you

  16. Am working as monitoring and Evaluation officer in an NGO specifically concerned with HIV prevention, i would like to attend the conference to attain more experience in using the latest approaches in my daily M&E practices.

  17. Hi, am interested to attend the above M*E training/workshops/symposium. what are the criteria for attending them.These will help me build more for my organization.

    Could you please share with me some links and information on developing M&E strategy for organizations,M&E plan and Frameworks
    waiting for response
    Solomon Lukyamuzi
    M&E Officer
    DSW Uganda

  18. I like to have an opportunity of sharing which I hope you can help me out. I will like to appreciate your work in supporting such initiatives.

  19. Hi, kindly provide me with information on a one week training in M&E, data analysis, SPSS and the like in Mumbai india in March 2017

  20. Good day,am a non-member of CREA but am interested in attending the forthcoming 2017 4th conference at Chicago in September.

    I am interested in coming for the conference and needs an invite from CREA to my workplace to be able to attend.

    My organisation’s name is University of Ibadan and the mailing address is

    NO 7 Parry Road
    Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law
    University of Ibadan
    West Africa

  21. Grateful if you can provide me with detail information about the M&E conference such as; what is required to attend, eligibility, payment etc.

  22. Please contact the organizers of the conferences listed here, via the link provided within the post

  23. Dear Rick,

    I was working for ActionAid the Gambia as M&E Officer. I even worked with in development Area2. I want to ask if I want to become a member of the M&E Network, what do I do.

    Thank you

    Momodou A. Jallow

  24. This year Ministry of Economic Development and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development hosts 12th International Evaluation Conference “Evaluation that matters. Ways to improve public policies.” The event will take place in Wroc?aw 21st – 22nd June in Mercure Hotel at plac Dominika?ski 1. The aim of the conference is to present the results of public policies in the European Union. The evidence provided by the evaluation study not only illustrates the results of the actions taken, but also explains the socio-economic mechanisms, opportunities and barriers of the countries concerned.

    The conference is a forum for increasing knowledge and skills, exchanging experience and research results. Thanks to this event, specialists involved in the evaluation process at various stages have a great opportunity to meet, develop contacts and understand different points of view. We are confident that this will have a significant impact on the preparation of high-quality evaluation research. By enhancing the quality of research and releasing the potential of institutions involved in the evaluation process, we contribute to a better policy.

    The conference is organised by the Ministry of Economic Development and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

    The conference is a forum for increasing knowledge and skills, exchanging experience and research results. Thanks to this event, specialists involved in the evaluation process at various stages have a great opportunity to meet, develop contacts and understand different points of view. We are confident that this will have a significant impact on the preparation of high-quality evaluation research. By enhancing the quality of research and releasing the potential of institutions involved in the evaluation process, we contribute to a better policy.

    The history of our conference dates back to 2005 when we organized the first edition of the event. Since then, our mission has remained the same and for the past twelve years we have been developing evidence, skills and knowledge across Europe so that we can obtain the best possible results of our work. “Results” is the keyword of our conference. The objective of the 12th conference is to present outcomes of public policies based on evidence from evaluation. Evidence delivered by the evaluation process not only present outcomes of taken up actions but also explain mechanisms, opportunities and barriers of particular economies. The second goal of this year’s event is to point out to fields which might present challenges for evaluation units in the near future. New technologies, developing and demanding both fields and methods and institutional determinants that influence final results importantly will constitute the second pillar of the event.

    During this year’s event we will focus on broadly defined systems of evaluation encompassing both evaluation culture and evaluation methodology. Participants will be able to learn from four different panels: (1) Causal effects in evaluation, (2) Evaluation culture across the world, (3) Evaluation of development programmes, and (4) Application of serious games in evaluation. We will also discuss outcomes of policies implemented within European Union during the last couple of years, stressing especially those that reflect results of cohesion policy.

  25. I am an Assistant Director M&E at Ministry of Economic Planning & Budget, in Ondo State, Nigeria.

    I am interested to attend the conference, can i get detailed information on how to apply?