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These email lists are associated with the MandE NEWS website and managed by Rick Davies:

M&E NEWS email list – This email list, first established in 1997,  will close down on 30th September 2020. Rick’s recommendation: All members, and others who were interested to become members, should now consider joining the Peregine email list run by Better Evaluation. The Peregrine email list provides the same sort of discussion forum as the MandE NEWS email list, but is even better!.

To find out more, and to join that email list, go to

MostSignificant Changes (MSC) email list: This has 1700+ members and going since 2000.  The focus is on the use of the MSC approach to monitoring, which is qualitative and participatory and does not require the use of predefined indicators of expected change. This email list was hosted by Yahoo but is now being hosted by Google Groups. The email list continues to be managed by Rick Davies, who is invented the MSC technique. He can be contacted at

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ParEvo email list- for news about the development of the ParEvo web app, feedback from ParEvo users, and news on related forms of scenario planning. ParEvo is a method of developing past histories or future scenarios, using a participatory evolutionary process (hence ParEvo). The process is designed to be used by multiple people, to produce a collective good– a set of storylines about what did, or could happen.  For more information about ParEvo go to The ParEvo email list is managed by Rick Davies, who is developing ParEvo. He can be contacted at  

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EvalC3  email list –  This email enables users of EvalC3 to share their experiences of using EvalC3. And to offer advice, ask questions, complain and suggest improvements. EvalC3 is an excel based set of tools for developing, exploring and evaluating predictive models of expected outcomes. For more information about EvalC3 go to:  The email list is managed by Rick Davies, who is developing EvalC3. He can be contacted at

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