Card sorting methods: A List

Card / pile sorting is a simple and useful means of eliciting and aggregating qualitative data, in a participatory manner. In anthropology, it is described as pile sorting, and is used for domain analysis, in the field of cognitive anthropology. In website design it is known as card sorting.

Website design
  • OptimalSort: Online card sorting software:
  • SynCapsV2:  For the analysis of the results of physical card sorts, which can be downloaded and used on a desktop/laptop
  • UsabilitiTest: Our Cards Sorting tool supports Closed, Open and Hybrid testing, and our Prioritization Matrix is the only such tool, currently online.
  • uzCardSort is an open source, MPL licensed, Mozilla based tool for conducting and analyzing card sorts.
  • XSort: is a free card sorting application for Mac, aimed at user experience professionals and social scientists.