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  1. Dear Rick Davies, I found your website, find this highly interesting and would like to join the email list. But do I really need a yahoo account? (I have so many email accounts already…)

    Kind regards, Marion

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  2. hello mr ricks davies, you are doing a marvellous job there
    but how can l subscribe to the site.

  3. You can use the Google Alert service. See the link on the top right side of the webpage, under the Search button

  4. I want to receive latest news on M&E how can these be directed to my e-mail address provided.

    Thanks your site is very insightful.

  5. You can join the MandE NEWS email list, by clicking on the M&E Email list tab at the top of this page

  6. Greetings from the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

    Evidence on what works and why is sparse in anti-corruption. Credible, unbiased evidence of outcomes and impact of anti-corruption interventions is in great demand.

    Therefore, the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre has launched a new thematic area which will research and distil lessons for donors on how to improve evaluations and measurement tools to better inform donor policies and programme designs relating to anti-corruption. I would be glad to discuss with any experienced practitioners in the field on how to achieve this goal, just email jesper.johnson@cmi.no.

    The first publication we have produced is on “How to monitor and evaluate anti-corruption agencies”. The report provides technical, methodological, and practical guidance to assist staff of ACAs and donors in undertaking monitoring and evaluation and shows how the outcomes and impact of the work of ACAs can be evaluated in an objective, evidence-based manner.

    Access here: http://www.cmi.no/publications/file/4171-how-to-monitor-and-evaluate-anti-corruption.pdf

    Kind regards,

    Jesper Johnson


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