First reports published by UK Independent Commission for Aid Impact

…on 22nd November, 2011.

Two cover general areas of the programme:

ICAI’s Approach to Effectiveness and Value for Money; and

The Department for International Development’s (DFID) Approach to Anti-Corruption;

Two cover specific programmes in DFID’s country offices:

DFID’s Climate Change Programme in Bangladesh; and

DFID’s Support to the Health Sector in Zimbabwe.

See the ICAI website for further details

RD Comment: re “ICAI’s Approach to Effectiveness and Value for Money” paper, see my Comments here. In summary:•

  • This paper is confusingly titled. It is really about the ICAIs overall approach to evaluation, and covers more than “value for money and effectiveness”
  • The 4e’s analysis of the concepts of “value for money and effectiveness” has potential, but seems to be taken nowhere thereafter.
  • The proposed workings of the traffic light system are opaque. It is not clear how these judgements will be built up from subsidiary judgements. Nor what they mean in the simplest terms of success and failure. Nor is there a “None of the above. There is not sufficient information to make a judgement”


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