The focus of this website is on methods of monitoring and evaluating the progress and outcomes of development aid programs, big and small. But many of the methods discussed here are also relevant to the practice of evaluation when applied to policies and programs implemented by government and civil society organisations in richer countries, not just countries receiving international aid.


This website was originally set up in early 1997 by Rick Davies, an independent M&E consultant now living in Cambridge, U.K. The associated MandE NEWS email list was set up shortly afterwards. It was re-established on Yahoo in 2004 and continues today.

The website was established following the development of a Concept Note , which was funded by Oxfam UK, which itself was encouraged by earlier discussions with Chris Roche (then of Oxfam UK) at theThird International Workshop on the Evaluation of Social Development, in the Netherlands, in November 1996.

Funding was provided for an initial two year period by a group of four UK NGOs (Oxfam, Action Aid, SCF and Christian Aid) up to the end of 1998. A group of 6 UK NGOs provided further funding up to late 2001 and 10 NGOs provided funding for for the 2002-2004 period. The supporting organisations were: Oxfam (GB) , Save the Children Fund (UK) , ActionAid (UK) , Christian Aid , CAFOD (UK), CIIR (UK), IDRC (Canada), Water Aid (UK), World Vision (UK), WWF (UK) and Exchange via BOND.

During this period a series of Progress Reports were produced and made available on the website: 1999| 2000 | 2001 |  2002 |   2003 | 2004 | 2005

Two surveys were carried out of the website users in 2003.  In 2006 an online survey was carried out of the membership of the MandE NEWS Email List (953) , focusing on their co-membership of other related email lists.

By 2004 the annual cost of the website was £7,779, of which £6,000 was for the labour time provided by the website editor (Rick Davies).

From 2005 onwards no further funding proposals were submitted. The costs of the management of the site, and the facilitation of the email list, are now voluntarily carried by the editor.

Site management

The editor and manager of this website is Rick Davies,

You can contact me by email at rick@ mande.co.uk , or by phone in the UK, on +44 1223 841367

My personal website : richardjdavies.wordpress.com/

My PhD Thesis:  Order and Diversity: Representing and Assisting Organisational Learning in Non-Government Aid Organisations

…was based on field work in Bangladesh between 1992 and 1995

….and is available online here


Your support

If you want to make (even a tiny) donation to support the MandE NEWS website, use the PayPal button below (they also accept credit cards). Please be patient, the PayPal button can be slow to respond.

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  1. I have been looking for a website like this for a very long time. Thanks for seeting up this!!
    I am looking forwward to learn a lot, am working in a local NGO in Kenya as M & E officer.

  2. My thanks to “sioned sims” for their generous donation made to MandE NEWS on 29th August 2009

  3. Great Work Rick Davies

    This website is very helpful among all development workers, especially for me (new in Monitoring and Evaluation field). Many Many thanks.

  4. Am happy I got to know about this site!!! I just finished University and started at the NGO sector in Kenya…the resources will be useful.

  5. I am tesfa olana from Ethiopia.At the moment i am working in benishangul gumuz regiinal state Water,Miming and energy resource development bureau as plan preparation,Monitoring and Evaluation expert so i need to thank your organization for preparing such workshop inorder to enhance the potencial of M&E expert.

  6. Could you please post my Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation training course on your training portion of your website. It is the “The Union’s International Management Development Programme” Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation training course, from 10-14 October 2016, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The application deadline is 16 September 2016. Here is the course link: http://www.union-imdp.org/courses/monitoring-and-evaluation

    Thank you. -Kerensa


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