Free relevant well organised online courses: Statistics, Model Thinking and others

Provided FREE by Coursera in cooperation with Princeton, Stanford and other Universities

Each opening page gives this information: about the Course, About the Instructor, The Course Sylabus, Introductory Video, Recommended Background, Suggested Readings, Course Format, FAQs,

Example class format: “Each week of class consists of multiple 8-15 minute long lecture videos, integrated weekly quizzes, readings, an optional assignment and a discussion. Most weeks will also have a peer reviewed assignment, and there will be the opportunity to participate in a community wiki-project. There will be a comprehensive exam at the end of the course.”

The contents of past courses remain accessible.

RD Comment: Highly Recomended! [ I am doing the stats course this week]

Online workshop: Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation

Date: 1st October and 1st of the month thereafter
Venue: Online at

Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation is a four week interactive e-learning workshop for individuals who are new to the field of monitoring and evaluation or those who wish to formalise their existing understanding which has been developed through work based experience. The course considers important concepts and activities from inception through to outcome evaluation and additionally includes valuable project management and leadership techniques. The course is accredited and requires approximately 7.5 hours participant input per week, including assignments, and is priced at £750. The course runs once a month, starting on the 1st of each month. For further information and to enrol, visit:

On-line training in Monitoring and Evaluation using Results Based Project Management

Date: 6th May up to 11th June, 2009
Venue: Online

Local Livelihoods will be putting on a live online Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation course to be run for 2 hours a week for six weeks.  Between each weekly session there will be exercises applying the course learning to your own project.  This will be supported by an interactive online database and project managements system that will enable participants to work simultaneously with the trainer with online mentoring.

The cost is £150.00 all you need is a PC with broadband connection.

The technology is extremely simple, just the same as opening websites, no more.

This first course is for participants in Africa and Europe.  There will be a later course for participants from Asia and the Pacific.

For further information please go to:

Freer Spreckley

Online Training: Introduction to Social Audit

Date: Tuesday 28th October 2008 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Venue: Online

This two hour Social Audit introduction will include:

  • Why Social Audit
  • What type of organisation uses Social Audit
  • What are the benefits of Social Audit
  • The 4 stages of Social Audit
  • Social Audit Governance
  • Social Audit External View
  • Social Audit Internal View
  • Social Planning and Accounting
  • Presenting the Social Audit

This course is particularly suited to groups and individuals engaged in social enterprises, NGOs, development agencies and social economy organisations.

Freer Spreckley
Organisation Local Livelihoods

Michael Scriven teaches “An Introduction to Evaluation” online

Date: Oct. 11-12 and Nov. 1-2, 2008
Venue: Claremont Graduate University, California

Four Days of Evaluation Training with a Master in the Field: Michael Scriven teaches “An Introduction to Evaluation”

Dr. Michael Scriven, one of the founders of Evaluation Science as a modern discipline, will be offering two 2-day courses on the foundations, power, and practice of evaluation. These courses will be taught in a live virtual classroom environment, and are open to the public. Thanks to the online nature of the course, these are available to anyone anywhere on the globe.

Save Your Seat Today: Total cost: $350 for four sessions

Full course descriptions are available on our website. Don’t miss your chance to learn firsthand from this giant in the field!

Meeting Schedule: Oct/11/08 and Oct/12/08 (Part I)  Nov/1/08 and Nov/2/08 (Part II) 10 am to 1 pm PST

Technology Requirements: Computer microphone and speakers required. (Webcam not required, but can be a plus.)

Register Online Today!

India Swearingen
SBOS Outreach Assistant
School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences
Claremont Graduate University

Online M&E training: Additional sources

Solape Bamijoko, Gede Foundation, Abuja, Nigeria has identified these two sites providing online M&E training:
  • The Inter-American Development Bank website.
    • “In an effort to train a critical mass of civil servants throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the Bank is currently developing a number of electronic courses which are accessible from the IDB web-page, free of charge. Courses currently available are The Logical Framework for Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Institutional and Organizational Analysis.”

Continue reading “Online M&E training: Additional sources”

Online training: M&E Fundamentals

M&E Fundamentals is a two-hour self-instructional Web course that covers the basics of program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in the context of population, health and nutrition programs. It also defines common terms and discusses why M&E is essential for program management.

This course is designed for individuals as a self-guided resource, but it is also useful for learning or reviewing basic factual information before or during a traditional in-person training event.

To take this free course:
Go to and select “Interactive mini-course on M&E Fundamentals”

For more information about MEASURE Evaluation training materials and workshops, please visit

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