Online Training: Introduction to Social Audit

Date: Tuesday 28th October 2008 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Venue: Online

This two hour Social Audit introduction will include:

  • Why Social Audit
  • What type of organisation uses Social Audit
  • What are the benefits of Social Audit
  • The 4 stages of Social Audit
  • Social Audit Governance
  • Social Audit External View
  • Social Audit Internal View
  • Social Planning and Accounting
  • Presenting the Social Audit

This course is particularly suited to groups and individuals engaged in social enterprises, NGOs, development agencies and social economy organisations.

Freer Spreckley
Organisation Local Livelihoods

Social Audit Toolkit – 4th Edition

“The fourth edition 2007 of the Social Audit Toolkit has retained the basic rationale and main elements, but we have changed the terms and order of the process. In some cases the process exercises have been up-dated. What is new is the Social Audit Standard that has been changed back to the original four standards. The structure of the Social Audit process is as follows: Governance Statement; External View and Stakeholders; Internal View and Organisation; and, Social Accounting.

The Social Audit Toolkit is the original manual on Social Audit and Accounting and when it was first printed in 1981 it introduced the idea of organisational social audits for social enterprises and all social objective organisations. The Toolkit comes with a set of practical exercise templates that can be used by organisations to undertake a social audit of their own practices”

Freer Spreckley

ISBN 09538674-1-2

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