Tools and Methods for Evaluating the Efficiency of Development Interventions

Palenberg, M. (2011),  Evaluation Working Papers. Bonn: Bundesministe-rium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung. Available as pdf.


Previous BMZ Evaluation Working Papers have focused on measuring impact. The present paper explores approaches for assessing efficiency. Efficiency is a powerful concept for decision making and ex-post assessments of development interventions but, nevertheless, often treated rather superficially in project appraisal, project completion and evaluation reports. Assessing efficiency is not an easy task but with potential for improvements, as the report shows. Starting with definitions and the theoretical foundations the author proposes a three level classification related to the analytical power of efficiency analysis methods. Based on an extensive literature review and a broad range of interviews, the report identifies and describes 15 distinct methods and explains how they can be used to assess efficiency. It concludes with an overall assessment of the methods described and with recommendations for their application and further development.

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    I was working for ActionAid the Gambia as M&E Officer in Development Area 2 when had the opportunity to work with you and Falu Njie during the DA2 review.

    I am now the M&E Officer for the Agency for the Development of Women and Children. This is a national NGO relatively working with communities in the areas of women empowerment, livelihoods,gender, water and sanitation and health. The NGO is located in Kerewan in the North Bank Region of the Gambia.

    Will appreciate to be in touch with mande news quite often and please pardon me for acceptance.

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