The Use of Social Network Analysis Tools in the Evaluation of Social Change Communications

by Rick Davies (April 2009).

This paper was produced for the Communication for Social Change Consortium, as a contribution to their paper for UNAIDS on reviewing approaches to monitoring and evaluation and advocating an expanded monitoring and evaluation framework for social change communication. All rights to this paper are with the Communication for Social Change Consortium (]


2. What is Social Network Analysis? A brief introduction..
3. The use of SNA in the study of HIV/AIDS..
4. The use of SNA in the evaluation of HIV/AIDS interventions..
5. How could SNA be useful in the evaluation of HIV/AIDS programs?.
5.1. Within organisations: Moving from Logical to Social Frameworks.
5.2. Within organisations: Moving beyond linear models.
5.2.1 Mapping and modeling.
5.2.2 Looking inside and outside the network.
5.2.3 Matrix versus network models.
5.3. Amongst multiple organisations: Where there is no central planner.
6. The uses of theory..
7. Scalability..
8. Limitations..
9 Opportunities..
10. An Afterword..


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