Survey of Donor Approaches to Governance Assessment

Published by the  Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Development Assistance Committee (OECD-DAC),
Size: 34 pages (358 KB)
Full Text here

Executive Summary

Bilateral and multilateral development agencies have engaged intensively in assessing governance over the last decade. To explore opportunities for increased harmonization and alignment in this area, members of the OECD DAC’s GOVNET have commissioned a survey of donor approaches to governance assessments. The survey reported here focuses on general and thematic governance assessment approaches actually used by agencies.

The survey identified 11 agencies having 17 general assessment tools in use and 3 under development, while 6 agencies which presently have no own tools are developing these. 9 agencies reported having 13 thematic tools in use, 4 of these and 3 other agencies are developing new tools. The thematic tools category includes assessment tools related to conflict, human rights, corruption, and sector assessments, as well as tools which focus on particular themes (e.g. financial governance aspects).


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