Training in Most Significant Change Technique (MSC) in Oxford, UK

Date: 28-29th July 2009
Venue: Oxford, UK

MSC is a powerful tool for monitoring, evaluation and organisational learning. MSC goes beyond merely capturing and documenting participants’ stories of impact, to offering a means of engaging in effective dialogue about what you are achieving. Each story represents the storyteller’s interpretation of impact, which is then reviewed and discussed. The process offers an opportunity for a diverse range of stakeholders to enter into a dialogue about program intention, impact and ultimately future direction. MSC has much to offer your existing M&E framework being especially good at capturing that traditionally hard to capture information about what difference did you make in the hearts and minds of those your were targeting for benefit – but it has much to offer beyond merely reporting on outcomes! This two day training workshop provides an introduction to MSC which includes designing your own MSC process. Participants will be provided with experiential learning opportunities and examples of real applications of the technique. We will also share our experiences of adapting MSC for use in evaluation studies.

Where: Oxford, England (venue to be determined)

When: Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th of July Cost: £550

* To secure your enrolment download and return your registration form today: [url] [/url]

* Concession rates and multiple participant discounts available contact for more information


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