ALNAP 8th Review of Humanitarian Action

The ALNAP Review of Humanitarian Action series aims to advance analysis and understanding of key trends and issues relating to humanitarian learning and accountability as a means of supporting improvement in sector-wide performance. The 8th Review contains three in-depth studies:

Chapter 1: Counting what counts: performance and effectiveness in the humanitarian sector [

Chapter 2: Improving humanitarian impact assessment: bridging theory and practice []

Chapter 3: Innovations in International humanitarian action [

The first study is on humanitarian performance and provides a wide-ranging overview of the performance agenda – at the heart of ALNAP’s work – drawing on experiences from the private, public and development sectors. The second study focuses on improving humanitarian impact assessment, and provides a comprehensive framework to help bridge theory and practice in operational settings. The third study is a systematic review of innovations in international humanitarian response, which presents ways to think about and strengthen innovations across the sector.

Key Messages from ALNAP’s Eighth Review of Humanitarian Action: [
Key messages in French and Spanish will be available shortly.


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