Six courses on program evaluation topics

Date: October 19 – 24, 2009
Venue: Ottawa, Canada

Registration Deadline – October 1 Classes are filling up — so call us to hold space for you

TEI and CES Collaborative Program

This October, 2009, the Canadian Evaluation Society, National Capital Chapter (CES-NCC) and The Evaluators’ Institute (TEI) will continue their collaboration to bring six courses on program evaluation topics to Canadian evaluators.

Design & Administration of Internet/Mail/mixed-mode Survey

Dr. Don Dillman

Course addresses multiple sources of error that must be overcome to achieve quality results from web and mail surveys, principles for writing questions, consequences of question order, constructing questionnaires – page layouts, graphics, numbering and word choice and how these influence responses.

Design Performance Measurement for Government & Nonprofit Organizations

Dr. Ted Poister

Course focuses on the process for designing and implementing systems to improve organizational and program performance. Focus is on interplay between measurement and management in developing metrics using examples from variety of program areas, with an emphasis on process, design and implementation.

Actionable Data for Complex Systems: Benchmarking/Standards Setting

Dr. Ann Doucette

Course concentrates on service systems from a complex adaptive system (CAS) perspective, and examines performance measurement strategies that support actionable data, using data-based and value-based decision-making and models such as six-sigma and Balanced Scorecards in terms of linkages to RMAF/RBAF evaluation approaches that informing improvement strategies.

Design Using Program Theory and Logic Models

Dr. Patricia Rogers

Course focuses on developing supportive and useful logic models, and how to use them to effectively guide evaluation. Application exercises are used throughout the course to demonstrate logic modeling concepts and techniques. The course will address the appropriate use as well as misuse of logic models.

Evaluating Public Funding Approaches: Program Efficiency Through Collaboration and Financial Mapping

Dr. Doreen Cavanaugh

Course Financial mapping is a process of evaluating public funds that are expended by a government entity on a yearly basis to address specific populations of interest and concern. The information gathered through this collaborative process is then available to inform the design and the development of a comprehensive system that will utilize funds for programs more efficiently and more effectively.

Qualitative Data Analaysis

Dr. Patricia Rogers

Participants will work through a structured approach to analyzing qualitative data based on an iterative process of considering the purpose of the analysis, reviewing suitable options, and working through interpretations. Techniques include grouping, summarizing, finding patterns, discovering relationships, and developing and testing relationships — NVivo and other computer packages will be discussed.


TEI / CES-NCC Ottawa 2009

The Registration form is located on our website

Registration and payments are due by October 1 to ensure that books, course materials, and other items are ready for an on-time arrival in Ottawa. Late registrations are accepted on a space available basis, with payment.

Note: last October most classes filled prior to the deadline, so call as early as you can. Payment may be made by personal check, credit care, money order, wire transfers, or by approved institutional purchase order. All course fees are in U. S. dollars.

Course Fees:

The regular fee for each of the two-day courses is $920 USD.

* CES members will receive a reduced rate of $800 USD/course. Use this website to become a member of CES:

* Non-CES members will receive and early-bird discount of $50 per course (course fee = $870 USD) if registration and payment (check, credit card, wire transfer, purchase order) is processed and received by September 30th.

* No other discounts apply to this program

Registration Process

You may fax the completed form to

The Evaluators’ Institute

The George Washington University

1922 F Street NW, Suite 407-A/B

Washington, DC 20052

Fax: (202) 994-3226

or print, scan and email your registration to

Classes are sure to fill up, so please call the TEI office NOW to reserve class space at (202) 994-5232 or

(202) 944-4095.

Registration Cutoff Thursday, October 1, 2009




All classes will be held at the Westin Ottawa Hotel

11 Colonel By Drive

Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9H4

Canada Telephone: (613) 560-7000

Fax: (613) 234-5396

3 thoughts on “Six courses on program evaluation topics”

  1. may I know when you will held the next training workshop under the title”project management cycle”

    ahmad albadareen

  2. I’d like to know which courses are planned for 2010 and 2011, I’d also like info on certification courses available online.

  3. Hi I have went through a lot of course outline and am so keen to attend all or at least most. Back here in my country there is a great need for evaluators or special project personnel. We do not have institution that run that sort of training especially Evaluation.

    Again it is subject to funding. We have a lot of projects but cannot management or evaluate well. therefore we use a lot of experts ideas and most of them come as Advisors. I really want to give them a competition as to how much we could do it ourselves. Until and unless I find a sponsor it will be possible. If you know of sponsors who could do it for a developing country like Papua New Guinea I would be gratful to be introduced too.

    I must still comment that this course a must and many around the world should seriously take it. I will try my best as well.



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