AidProject M+E software

Comprehensive & straightforward Monitoring & Evaluation software for Donor-funded aid projects.

AidProject M+E empowers projects to employ good practice & satisfy Donor requirements. Using AidProject M+E is relatively straightforward:

  1. Define Lookup Trees & Branches to customise AidProject M+E for your project. These include LogFrame, Methods, Purposes, Gatherers, Monitors, etc.

  2. Define Performance Indicators together with their Locations & Periods. Attach additional criteria (your customised Trees & Branches) for reporting & analysis.

  3. Maintain Period targets & actual performance data (dates, text, money, yield, etc.).

  4. Distribute performance reports to Monitors (Donors, Government, Project Management, Stakeholders, etc.) & export spreadsheets to assist Gatherers.

A licence to use AidProject M+E is absolutely free.

9 thoughts on “AidProject M+E software”

  1. I am searching for appropriate M & E software to 4-6 Sectors on MDG for a state in Nigeria and so far getting interested in yours.
    Kindly furnish me if you have training programs, while I am still browsing your Site

  2. I am searching for appropriate M&E Software to manage and monitoraid projects in Indonesia and so far getting interested in yours. Kindly inform me if you have training programs or any knowledge on how to have a licence to use this software, while I am still browsing your Site

  3. I am looking for a software for results based M&E for aid management for Uganda. Does your software serves this purpose? How can I receive your sofware?


  4. Hello
    I am searching for appropriate M&E Software to manage and monitor aid World Bank projects in Kenya/South Sudan.
    Let me know which users of your software in Kenya or this region.
    Kindly inform me:
    -if/when you do have training programs
    -licence to use this software, or how to get software
    Many thanks

  5. If you are interested in Monitoring and Evaluation System, you can talk to me on 0721388689. We have developed a detailed application which is web-based from scratch and is currently used by World Bank in ICT Board projects monitoring and evaluation

  6. We have designed a Database driven M&E Software tool for NGO Programs in Different Verticals; have a look at our Online Tool

    Kindly fill the enclosed from to receive a Link to Download the Free Opensource M&E Software Tool with your Organization Logo / Colour Scheme.

    Currently over 210 Global NGOs are using our M&E Software Tool in various verticals i.e. Child Welfare, Dairy, Agriculture, Human Rights & Justice, HIV – AIDS, Malaria etc.

    It is a Complete Web Based Easy to Use Tool; across offices; across countries. The application enables you to Generate Reports for your Donors “ON DEMAND”.

    The Software Application has following Modules:
    1) Dash Board: Gives a Snapshot to Senior Management or Donors on the Key Performance Indicators.
    2) Program Details: Captures Data on the Beneficiaries of your Program and let you analyze the same.
    3) Project & Budget Management: Can monitor how much funds have been utilised against each activity of the Project.
    4) Trip Management & Successs Stories
    5) Reports: Report Collection from the Field & Analysis and Consolidation of the Reports.
    6) Survey Module: Conduct Custom Surveys, Dynamic Surveys (Create Surveys on the Fly), Conduct Polls for better response / feedback to your Donor Programs. Generate Reports.
    7) Training: Schedule Training, Invite participants by Workflow based SMS & E-mail Alerts. Get Confirmation on attendance. Upload Participant List after Trainings end.
    8) Archives: A complete Content & Document Management System to keep Records of Donor Reports, Surveys, Program Documentation.
    9) M&E Messenger: A inbuilt M&E e-mail messaging system; so that all communication is secure & within the system.


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