Tags that could be usefull for describing M&E software

…on this webpage

Suggested tags so far:
  • License type: open-source, proprietary
  • Cost: free, free and paid for versions, paid only
  • Works on: desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone
  • Compatability: PC, Mac,
  • Availablity: online only, offline only, both
    • If online
      • completely private (password-protected) / visible to anyone who knows the URL / listed in search results
      • registration required?
      • collaborate with others?
      • browser types it works with
  • Purposes
    • Data collection
    • Data display/visualisation
    • Data analysis
    • Report writing
    • Theory of Change description
  • Import
    • Excel (csv, xls,..)
    • Word
    • pdf
    • jpeg, etc
  • Export
    • Excel (csv, xls,..)
    • Word
    • pdf
    • jpeg,etc

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