A list of M&E training providers

Update 2014 12 20: The contents of this page have become woefully out of date and it would be more than a full time job to keep it up to date.

My advice is as now as follows:

If you are looking for M&E training opportunities visit the MandE NEWS Training Forum, which lists all upcoming training events. There are many training providers listed there, along with links to their websites

Please also consider taking part in the online survey of training needs.

If you are a training provider, please look at the cumulative results to date of that survey.

I have now deleted all the previous training providers that were shown below

“Britons think development aid for poor countries is wasted”

Mark Tran, Guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 8 September 2010 11.40 BST

“More than half of Britons think development aid is wasted and do not support the coalition government’s policy of ring-fencing assistance for poor countries, a survey shows.

Aid to Developing Countries: Where does the UK Public Stand?, published by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in Brighton, recommends development groups take a new approach to communicating with the public about how and when aid works to address perceptions that most aid is wasted.

The aid budget is protected from spending cuts because the government is committed to meeting the UN target of spending 0.7% of national income on aid by 2013, but the survey found that 63% of people think aid to poor countries should be cut as the government seeks to reduce the budget deficit, while 52% think most UK aid to developing countries is ineffective…”

National Audit Office: Good Governance Review on DFID’s Monitoring and Evaluation Arrangements

The following information has been sent out by email


“The role and remit of the NAO

The NAO is tasked with examining the economy, effectiveness and efficiency
with which government departments have used public money. Our review will
examine DFID’s monitoring and evaluation framework and whether it
influences decision making and operational activities. In this instance,
our work will take the form of a management report to DFID, which will be
publicly available but not aimed at Parliament or the media.
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Basic Necessities Survey versus Schreiner’s Simple Poverty Scorecard

This page compares two simple methods of measuring poverty:

The comparison was prompted by an email to the MandE NEWS email list by Atta Ullah in May 2008 asking for a comparison.
Continue reading “Basic Necessities Survey versus Schreiner’s Simple Poverty Scorecard”

The utilisation of evaluations.

Chapter 3:ALNAP Review of Humanitarian Action in 2005

Peta Sandison

This chapter draws upon a literature review, four case studies of evaluation
utilisation volunteered by CAFOD, MSF(H), OCHA and USAID, semi-structured
interviews with 45 evaluators, evaluation managers and evaluation ‘users’, a
review of 30 sets of terms of reference, and an electronic survey sent to ALNAP
Observer and Full Members (19 evaluation managers and 27 evaluators
responded to the survey).

The researcher was supported by an advisory group composed of representatives
from the British Red Cross Society, CARE International, MSF(H), the Netherlands
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Policy and Operations Evaluation Department), OCHA
and ODI, plus an independent evaluation consultant and the ALNAP Secretariat.

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