Round Table on Impact Evaluation: meeting and online

The two days gathering entittled Mapping the Measures of Success: An Expert Round Table on Impact Evaluation for Strengthening Governance of WASH Services has been officially opened. This gathering and online discussion will be held until Wednesday 14 of May -2008. IRC will send a hard copy of the Thematic Overview Paper produced using the inputs from this event to the active participants of the Online Discussion.

The purpose of the Round Table is to map the existing knowledge, practices, experiences and challenges related to evaluating the impact of development interventions in the context of governance of WASH services.


This event will bring together around 30 experts (by invitation) from different organisations and sectors (universities, (I)NGOs, water sector implementing agencies, resource centres as well as representatives of government and financial agencies) to share knowledge, experience and ideas through a round table platform. Through this facilitated learning and sharing event, the organisers seek to give voice to different perspectives on the following topics:

1. Why do we do impact evaluation? Who is the consumer of impact evaluation results and for what purpose do they need the information?
2. What are the main challenges when trying to identify and measure impact of an intervention focusing on development or institutional change?
3. What can be defined as meaningful ‘measures of success’ or indicators of a project that seeks to strengthen local governance?
4. What can be defined as suitable methods of a project that seeks to strengthen local governance?
5. What limitations and gaps exist in the current impact evaluation discourse?

Online discussion

In order to enable the participation of interested parties not in attendance, a facilitated discussion will also be conducted online through a dedicated blog. Through this it will be possible to comment on the ongoing discussion and access the materials and proceedings related to this event. For more information: Deirdre Casella, e-mail, or Sandra Segura, e-mail.

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  • E-valuation: “constructing a good life through the exploration of value and valuing” by Sandra Mathison,Professor, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia
  • Intelligent Measurement. This blog is created by Richard Gaunt in London and Glenn O’Neil in Geneva and focuses on evaluation and measurement in communications, training, management and other fields.
  • Managing for Impact: Let’s talk about MandE! “Welcome to the dedicated SMIP ERIL blog on M&E for managing for impact!An IFAD funded Regional Programme, SMIP (Strengthening Management for Impact) is working with pro-poor initiatives in eastern & southern Africa to build capacities to better manage towards impact. It does so through training courses for individuals, technical support to projects & programmes, generating knowledge, providing opportunities for on-the-job-training, and policy dialogue.”
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  • The MSC Translations blog is maintained by Rick Davies, and is part of the MandE NEWS website. The purpose of this blog is:1. To make available translations of the MSC Guide in languages other than English. 2. To solicit and share comments on the quality of these translations, so they can be improved.The original English version can be found here The ‘Most Significant Change’ (MSC) Technique: A Guide to Its Use
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And other lists of M&E blogs

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