Checklist designed to guide evaluations of sustainability

(from Xceval email list)
Dear members of the XCeval list:

I would like to remind you of an opportunity to provide feedback on a
checklist designed to guide evaluations of sustainability for
sustainability. Many of you have already expressed an interest or
provided feedback.

Your knowledge, expertise, and experience is highly valuable for
improving the checklist to assure that it is complete, correct, and

The checklist has been developed based on a literature review and
provides guidance for general evaluation tasks as well as criteria of
specific relevance to sustainability. Specifically, it distinguishes
between evaluation OF sustainability (i.e., How well an evaluation
object is being sustained?) and evaluation FOR sustainability (i.e., How
well does an evaluation object address the larger concerns faced within
sustainable development?).

If you agree to participate, I will provide you with the checklist and
a survey that asks questions about the checklist and about your
professional background. In addition to the time required to read the
checklist, the survey will take approximately 20 minutes of your time.
The survey will be open until May 5, 2008. Your responses will be
treated confidentially. If you know of any person who may be interested
in this project and who is not on this listserv, please forward this
e-mail respectively.

If you are interested in participating in the study and willing to
volunteer some of your valuable time for providing critical feedback on
the checklist, please reply favorably to my personal e-mail address: I will respond to you with a copy of the
checklist and the survey. Please indicate if you prefer taking the
survey via a web-based link or a word document in which you can save
your answers.

If you decide to participate, you will receive a synthesis of the
responses to the survey as well as the improved checklist for use in
your organization.

Best wishes,


Daniela C. Schroeter
PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Evaluation
Western Michigan University Evaluation Center
Associate Editor of the Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation
Office: 269-387-5895
Skype ID: daniela.schroeter

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