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By Juan Andres Ligero Lasa, Julia Espinosa Fajardo, Carmen Mormeneo Cortes, MarÍa Bustelo Ruesta
Published June 2014© Spanish MInistry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Secretary of State for Internactional Cooperation and for Ibero-America
General Secretary of International Cooperation for Development
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1. introduction 
2. preliminary concepts 
2.1. Sensitive evaluation
2.2. The gender perspective or GID approach
2.3. The human rights-based approach to development (HRBA)
3. document preparation 
3.1. Systematic classifi cation of the literature and expert opinions
3.2. Synthesis and classifi cation
3.3. Guidance and criteria for selection of a proposal
4. proposals for sensitive evaluations
4.1. The Commission
a) Institutional sensitivity
b) Evaluator outlook
4.2. Unit defi nition and design evaluation
a) Point of departure: Programming
b) Identifying the programme theory or logic model
c) Analysis and comparison
4.3. Evaluation approach
a) Evaluation driven by theory of change
b) Stakeholder-driven evaluation approach
c) Evaluation approach driven by critical change or a transformative paradigm
d) Judgement-driven summative evaluation approach
4.4. Operationalisation
a) Vertical work
b) Horizontal work: Definition of systems of measurement, indicators and sources
4.5. Methodology and Techniques
4.6. Fieldwork
4.7. Data analysis and interpretation
4.8. Judgement
a) Transformative interventions for gender and rights situations
b) Interventions that preserve the status quo
c) Interventions that damage or worsen the situation
4.9. Reporting of Outcomes
5. Guidelines for Sensitive Evaluation
5.1. Considerations on the Evaluation of Programme Design
5.2. Considerations on Evaluator Outlook
5.3. Incorporating Approaches into Evaluation Design
a) Evaluation driven by theory of change
b) Stakeholder-driven
c) Critical change-driven or transformative paradigm
d) Judgement-driven summative evaluation
5.4. Considerations on Operationalisation
5.5. Considerations on Techniques, Methods and Fieldwork
5.6. Considerations on the Interpretation Phase
5.7. Consideartions on Judgement
6. How to coodinate the Gender – and HRBA-Based  approaches 
7. Some Considerations on the Process 


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