Looking for case studies of beneficiary feedback in evaluation

[From Lesley Groves]
Dear MandE
I have been commissioned by the UK Department for International Development to produce a short practical note on incorporating beneficiary feedback within evaluation. I am exploring questions such as: How do we define beneficiary feedback in evaluation? How is it different from participatory evaluation/ participatory methods in evaluation? What is the added value? What are the practical implications (ethical/ logistical/ practical)? What is a reasonable requirement for beneficiary feedback in evaluation?
I would really welcome thoughts from this community on these questions. There are three ways in which I hope to engage with some of you
3) Through email for those of you who may wish to contact me directly (lesliecgroves@gmail.com)
I am also looking for case study examples from anyone who has/is engaging beneficiary feedback mechanisms in evaluation. Would be great to hear from you.
With many thanks and best regards to all
L?eslie Groves Williams (PhD)

Senior Social Development Consultant
Skype lesliegroves
 | http://www.linkedin.com/in/lesliegroves

Rick Davies comment: I understand Lesley is developing a bibliography which will be made available online, via her blog site. And I expect that her report, once accepted by DFID, will be made publicly available. If so, details will be posted here.
Some material that is already emerging via email list inquiries:


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