Evaluability – is it relevant to EBRD? (and others)

EBRB Evaluation Brief, June 2012 by Keith Leonard, Senior Adviser (EvD), Amelie Eulenberg, Senior Economist (EvD) Available as pdf.

RD comment: A straightforward and frank analysis.

Conclusions and recommendations
1. Purpose and structure of the paper
2. Evaluability and why it matters
2.1 What is evaluability?
2.1.1 Expression of expected results
2.1.2 Indicators
2.1.3 Baseline
2.1.4 Risks
2.1.5 Monitoring
2.2 How and by whom is evaluability assessed?
2.3 Why evaluability matters
2.3.1 Relationship between evaluability and project success
2.3.2 More reliable and credible evaluations
2.3.3 Telling the story of results
2.4 What is quality-at-entry and how does it differ from evaluability?
3. How other IFIs use evaluability
3.1 Asian Development Bank
3.2 Inter-American-Development Bank
3.3 International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group
4. Current practice in the EBRD
4.1 Structure of Final Review Memorandum
4.2 EvD evaluation of the Early Transition Country Initiative
4.3 EvD synthesis of findings on a decade of evaluations of technical cooperation
4.4 Grant Co-financing Strategic Review
4.5 The findings of the Besley Report


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