Comic book Theories of Change?

Inspired by visitors” positive responses to the imaginative use of flow charts I have wondered how else Theories of Change could be described. The following thought came to me early this morning!

(with apologies to South Park)

See 6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Comics, at Mashable, for links to stripgenerator and others

AN OFFER: I will give a £50 donation to Oxfam UK to the person who can come up with the best comic strip description of the Theory of Change of a real development project. Post your entry using Comment below, with a link to where the comic is and a link to where we can find a factual description of the project it represents. Your comic strip version can be as humorous(slapstick, farce, wit, irony, sarcasm, parody, gallows, juvenile, or…) or as serious as you like. It can be as long as you like and it does not need to be a simple sequence of panels, it could get way more complicated!

I will try to set up an opinion poll so visitors can vote for the ones they like the most. The winning entry will definitely be posted as an item here on MandE NEWS and be publicised via Twitter. The deadline: May 31st might do. One proviso: Nothing obscene or libelous

6 thoughts on “Comic book Theories of Change?”

  1. Hi Sole

    Though you were the only person to submit an entry the entry itself was definitely a potential winner even if there were other competitors. So now I need to shell out some money to Oxfam, and publicise your comic!

    Many thanks, rick davies

  2. Hi Rick,

    I think you are talking about the comic of Remare Ettarh. Well done for adding incentives for people to use comics. I find it fascinating! We use comic strips quite a lot at InsightShare to show process in a project or evaluation.

    All good things,



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