Webinar series on evaluation: The beginnings of a list

To be extended and updated, with your help!

  • American Evaluation Association: Coffee Break Demonstrations are 20 minute long webinars designed to introduce audience members to new tools, techniques, and strategies in the field of evaluation.
  • INTERACTION: Impact Evaluation Guidance Note and Webinar Series: 8 webinars covering Introduction to Impact Evaluation, Linking Monitoring and Evaluation to Impact Evaluation, Introduction to Mixed Methods in Impact Evaluation, Use of Impact Evaluation Results
  • Measure Evaluation webinars:     20 webinars since Jan 2012
  • Claremont Evaluation Center Webinar Series  “The Claremont Evaluation Center is pleased to offer a series of webinars on the discipline and profession of evaluation.  This series is free and available to anyone across the globe with an internet connection.”
  • MY M&E website: Webinars on Equity-focused evaluations (17 webinars), IOCE webinar series on evaluation associations, Emerging practices in development evaluation (6 webinars), Developing capacities for country M&E systems (16 webinars), Country-led M&E Systems (6 webinars)

Plus some guidance on developing and evaluating webinars


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