World Bank – Raising the Bar on Transparency, Accountability and Openness

Blog posting by Hannah George on Thu, 02/16/2012 – 18:01 Found via @TimShorten

“The World Bank has taken landmark steps to make information accessible to the public and globally promote transparency and accountability, according to the first annual report on the World Bank’s Access to Information (AI) Policy.[20/02/2012 – links is not working – here is a link to a related doc, World Bank Policy on Access to Information Progress Report : January through March 2011]

“The World Bank’s Access to Information Policy continues to set the standard for other institutions to strive for,” said Chad Dobson, executive director of the Bank Information CenterPublish What You Fund recently rated the Bank “best performer” in terms of aid transparency out of 58 donors for the second year in a row.  Furthermore, the Center for Global Development and Brookings ranked the International Development Association (the World Bank’s Fund for the Poorest) as a top donor in transparency and learning in its 2011 Quality of Official Development Assistance Assessment (QuODA).


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