UK centre of excellence for evaluation of international development

Prior Information Notice

DFID is planning to establish a Centre of Excellence to assist with our commitment to use high quality evaluation to maximise the impact UK funded international development. DFID would like to consult with a wide range of research networks and experts in the field, and invite ideas and suggestions to help develop our ideas further before formally issuing invitations to tender to the market for this opportunity. There are two main channels for interested parties to contribute to this process:

1. Comments and views on the draft scope can be fed in through the DFID supplier portal by registering for this opportunity at and accessing the documentation.

2. DFID will hold bilateral discussions and/or information sharing sessions with interested parties depending on demand.

Please ensure all comments are fed in through the DFID portal by 31st August 2012. Once the consultation process is complete and the scope of the Centre of Excellence fully defined, DFID plans to a run a competitive tender for this work. The target date for establishment of the Centre is mid 2013.

RD Comment: Why is this consultation process not more open? Why do particpants have to register as potential suppliers, when many who might be interested to read and comment on the proposal would probably not necessarily want to become suppliers?

2 thoughts on “UK centre of excellence for evaluation of international development”

  1. I agree with RD’s comment. It is an excellent initiative but the proposal should be accessible to all whether one wish to comment or become suppliers.

  2. Yes, and also comments are fed, but then the deciding and discussing process is absent and next comes the tender!


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