Impact Evaluation: A Discussion Paper for AusAID Practitioners

“There are diverse views about what impact evaluations are and how they should be conducted. It is not always easy to identify and understand good approaches to impact evaluation for various development situations. This may limit the value that AusAID can obtain from impact evaluation.

This discussion paper aims to support appropriate and effective use of impact evaluations in AusAID by providing AusAID staff with information on impact evaluation. It provides staff who commission impact evaluations with a definition, guidance and minimum standards.

This paper, while authored by ODE, is an initiative of AusAID’s Impact Evaluation Working Group. The working group was formed by a sub-group of the Performance and Quality Network in 2011 to provide better coordination and oversight of impact evaluation in AusAID.”

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One thought on “Impact Evaluation: A Discussion Paper for AusAID Practitioners”

  1. I am a student of PhD in Aveiro University – North of Portugal – and I am trying to finish my thesis about the «Impact Evaluation of an intervention of Potuguese Inspectorates in an high school». I followed a qualitative design, much more difficult in use than a quantitative. So, I thank you very much for this share of crucial information.

    Thank You very much.
    Álvaro Batista


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