Workshop: Designing and Building a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System

Date: Sunday   23-May-10   09:00 AM   till: Thursday   27-May-10   05:00 PM
Venue: Amman, Jordan

Join us in Amman, Jordan for a 5-days training workshop in designing and building a results-based M&E system.  The course is organized by the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) and will heavily depend on the material developed in conjunction with International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) and the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank.

Combining both attention to M&E theory and practical applications of the theory, the 40-45 participants completing the course will gain knowledge and experience on how to design a results-based M&E system, understand the M&E tools, techniques, and resources needed for planning, organizing, and/or managing programs and projects.  The course provides an overview of the theoretical foundations of M&E methods, as well as ample opportunities for practical application of these methods through case studies, course exercises, and group projects.  The discussions will be practical and hands on. Participants will work in teams, discuss problem scenarios, share experiences, and develop M&E tools that they can apply in their own jobs following the course.





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11 thoughts on “Workshop: Designing and Building a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System”

  1. Dear Responsible officer,

    I am from Sri Lanka and working as M&E Assistant for Disaster Management Centre. I am very much like to participate for the training course and much appriciate if you could send me the details of course fee and so on.

    Ganga Samarawickrama

  2. I have been following the courses/workshops offered at JEI with keen interest. In fact, I am very much interested to participate in your workshop entitled “Building and Designing Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Systems”. I work for the National Planning Commission of The Gambia as the Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist and my current challenge is to build a monitoring & evaluation system for this important national institution.

    This workshop is quite timely for me and would therefore like to have more information about it and the possibility of having scholarship to enable my participation.

    Kindly advice!


  3. I am from Gaza strip and working as M&E Officerf for INGO. I am very much like to participate for the training course and much appriciate if you could send me the details of course fee and so on.



  4. i find this information and website amazing and would like to attend some of the conferences.

  5. Thank you all for your comments and questions. I believe I responded personally to your commetns except with Noha.


    You can find all the details on our website and we encourage participants from Gaza.
    If you have problems accessing our webiste: Then feel free to e.mail me at :

  6. Hi Ganga,
    I am also a Sri Lankan working as M&E currently based in Rome, Italy. I would recommend IPDET course in Ottawa and you are eligible to apply for a scholarship as well. I have done this course and it’s really a good one.

    Announcement for this year is already even in this site I guess.

  7. Yees JEI, you are great, however, if you could have found a way of at least provide few selected sponsored opportunities for uncapbable to attend thes course; you could have done much in meeting the global challenges of poverty for the developing world.i want very much to attend this course but how? who would sponsor me, my employer isn’t able to do that either!
    Kind regards

  8. Hi,
    This site is great, I work for an INGO in Lebanon as monitoring and evaluation , i am planing to attend this workshop it seems very interesting. i hope there is still places!

  9. Hi Sirs,

    I am from Palestine working as Project Manager for the Palestinian Finnish Educational Programme for the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education. This workshop will be of great help for me to follow up and monitor the programme. I am interested in participating in this workshop.
    Could you kindly send me all relevant information about this workshop; training fees accommodations and if possible scholarship.

    Best Regards

  10. Hi Guys,

    I am a Conference Producer in South Africa, we are planning a conference on M&E in August and am inviting presentations to that effect.If interested , for more information plaese contact me on +27 11 455 5184 or +27 76 85 448 49.




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