7th to 9th April, 2010Date:
Venue: Internet

Overall Conference Theme

International Trends in Programme Evaluation Methodology.

Conference Aims

The School of Human and Community Development at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) aims to bring together contributions from programme evaluation theorists and practitioners working in both developed and developing country contexts.

The virtual conference focuses on the following general areas as relevant to the development of common approaches to programme evaluation internationally:

  • Theory and paradigms of programme evaluation
  • Programme evaluation methodology
  • Teaching, training and instruction in programme evaluation
  • Applications of programme evaluation theory and models, and the practice of programme evaluation.

Ways of Participation

The conference is a virtual conference, hosted on the internet. It focuses on contributions in electronic format of three kinds:
* Papers on programme evaluation theory and/or methodology. These should be written and presented in such a way as to be useful to others on both conceptual and/or methodological levels.
* Workshop materials in the form of PowerPoint presentations supported by written handouts. These should be written and presented in such a way as to be useful to others who teach programme evaluation, for teaching, training and/or instructional purposes.
* Short case studies of completed evaluations. These should be written and presented in such a way as to be useful to others in documenting applications and the practice of programme evaluation, as applied in specific local, national or international contexts.

To participate in the conference, draft contributions and abstracts relative to these three types of contribution need to be uploaded to the conference website between April 7th and 9th, 2010.

Information on deadlines relative to the timing of different stages in the conference upload and reviewing process is provided below. Additional information, instructions for authors and reviewers, and templates, are provided on the conference website at the following address:


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