UNICEF Evaluation Report Standards

Evaluation Office, UNICEF NYHQ , September 2004

>The UNICEF Evaluation Report Standards< have been created as a transparent tool for quality assessment of evaluation reports.  This document outlines what the Standards are, the rationale for each standard and how they are applied.  The Standards are used by UNICEF Evaluation Office to assess
evaluations for inclusion in the organisation’s Evaluation and Research Database to strengthen the Database as a learning tool.  Application of Standards will also provide feedback to UNICEF Country Offices on how the evaluation is seen by someone outside of the evaluation process.

The Standards are also intended for use by UNICEF offices and partners commissioning evaluations to establish the criteria against which the final report will be assessed.  The UNICEF Evaluation Report Standards draw from and are complementary to key references on standards in evaluation design and process increasingly adopted in the international evaluation community


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