Publications on accountability of technological innovation

New publications by the One World Trust:

  • An Accountability Framework for Technological Innovation“, ILAC Initiative (Institutional Learning and Change) Brief In this Brief, we offer recommendations to help an organization conducting technological research and design (R&D) to become more accountable. We provide recommendations based on four principles developed by the One World Trust which capture the dimensions of accountability. (The ILAC Initiative aims to increase the contribution of the CGIAR to poverty alleviation by improving planning, monitoring and evaluation of collaborative agricultural research for development. It’s great that they have been able to publish this Brief applying the APRO framework to agricultural science.)
  • Accountability of innovation: A literature review, framework and guidelines to strengthen accountability of organisations engaged in technological innovation“: This paper synthesises some of the most important lessons learned arising from the evolving understanding of innovation, and provides a framework of accountability for organisations engaged in technological R&D. The guidelines focus on supporting organisations to become more effective, while simultaneously ensuring that they adhere to ethical standards in their innovation.


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