Challenges of Program Evaluation Practice in Africa

Call for Abstracts: Challenges of Program Evaluation Practice in Africa
The purpose of this announcement is to propose the production of a collective book on the challenges of program evaluation in Africa, regardless of the type of sector addressed (health, education, agriculture, etc.). This book is intended to be a critical and reflective analysis of how evaluations are conducted in Africa and what the challenges are of such practice. Through this process, the editors (Valéry Riddle, Seni Kouanda and Jean-François Kobiané) wish to enable francophone publications to take their place in program evaluation literature. Reporting on evaluation practices in Africa and improving methodology by sharing experience — that are both tasks that could be accomplished by chapters of this collective book — is essential.
Authors interested in this subject and wishing to participate in this project are invited to submit a 250-word abstract by February 28, 2010 to the following addresses: ( ; ( ; ( . This step is the first of six stages in the production process ending in December 2010.


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