Quality Review consultation ends: 23rd October 2009

The Quality of DFID’s Evaluation Reports and Assurance Systems

Request for comments on reports ( by Roger Riddell, Burt Perrin and Richard Manning) commissioned by IACDI.

As part of its role in monitoring evaluation quality in DFID, IACDI commissioned a review to assess the quality of DFID’s evaluation reports and its assurance systems. The review is now complete and available here on the website in 3 parts. It was undertaken by experts Burt Perrin and Richard Manning, managed by Roger Riddell, a member of IACDI, who has also produced an overview report drawing on and summarising the other two.

The review highlights 11 key recommendations for DFID to improve the quality of evaluation work, and to strengthen DFID’s approach in using evaluation work for lesson learning (see pages iii – vii of Roger Riddell’s report). As part of the review, DFID’s evaluation systems were compared with other donor agencies, and found to be broadly on par with those of comparator bilateral agencies.

IACDI now invites and welcomes comments on the reports – particularly on the overview report by Roger Riddell. IACDI will be discussing the reports at its next meeting on 4th November, and would particularly welcome comments from external stakeholders before then, so that they can be taken into account at its meeting.

Please send comments to mail@iacdi.independent.gov.uk by 23 October 2009.

Postscript (17th November 2009)

On 4th November there was a meeting in London where DFID invited people to comment on the recommendations made by Riddel, Perrin, and Manning. A summary of the issues raised in that meeting is available here. My own feedback, also provided in written form after the meeting, is available here..


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