IFAD “Evaluation Manual: Methodology and Processes.

produced by the Office of Evaluation, April 2009

“The evaluation methodology in use at the IFAD Office of Evaluation is captured in the new OE Evaluation manual, which is based on the principles set out in IFAD’s evaluation policy, approved by IFAD’s Executive Board in April 2003.

The main purpose of the manual is to ensure consistency, rigour and transparency across independent evaluations, and enhance OE’s effectiveness and quality of work.

The manual builds on internationally recognized evaluation practices and criteria.  It takes into account recent changes within IFAD, such as the introduction of a range of new operational policies and strategies, as well as enhancements to the Fund’s operating model.

The evaluation manual contains the core principles and methodology for undertaking evaluations, including project, thematic, country programme and corporate-level evaluations.  The manual also presents the key processes for designing and conducting project and country programme evaluations, which currently are the type of evaluation most widely undertaken by OE.

The document was developed in a participatory manner, which entailed wide-ranging discussions among OE staff and consultants, IFAD Management and staff, as well as selected project directors from all regions.  In addition, OE benefited from the insightful comments and guidance of a seven-person international experts panel of senior independent advisers (chaired by Professor Robert Picciotto, former Director General of the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group).

The Arabic, French and Spanish versions of the manual are under production to facilitate its use in all geographic regions covered by IFAD operations.”

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  1. I like to receive the free copy of Evaluation Manual: Methodology and Processes.”

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  2. You need to contact IFAD with this request. You should be able to find their email address on their website

  3. Click on the link above: OE Evaluation Manual, and you will have access to a pdf copy

  4. Would appreciate a free compy of IFAD Evaluation Manual-Methodology and processes.

  5. How can i obtain the project-M&E guideline,I hope you will be sharing some lesson involve in M&E work.

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