ActionAid reports on “systematization”

From the ActionAid website

“Systematization is the reconstruction of and analytical reflection about an experience. Through systematization, events are interpreted in order to understand them… The systematization allows for the experience to be discussed and compared with other similar experiences, and with existing theories and, thus, contributes to an accumulation of knowledge produced from and for practice” (Systematization Permanent Workshop in AAI systematization resource pack, pg 10, 2009).

“In 2009, IASL has produced two excellent resources on systematization. The first is a resource pack, which is one of the few English language resources on this exciting methodology. The pack will inform you about the methodology, and give you a detailed orientation to how to systematize experiences. You will also find links to other systematization resources and examples, and an existing bibliography of systematization materials”

“The second resource is Advocacy for Change, a systematization of advocacy experiences related to the status of youth (in Guatemala), the right to education (in Brazil) and farming (in the United States). The systematizations allowed the actors involved to consider the evolution of the experiences and to identify lessons and insights for future interventions. The Guatemala systematization product was documented in writing and film, the US experience in writing, and the Brazil experience in film”


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