Date: 25-26th November 2009
Venue: Bogor, Indonesia

The Most Significant Change technique is a dynamic qualitative and participatory monitoring and evaluation method.  Through collecting stories of the impact of our program with the program stakeholders we analyse our work.  Through this process of selecting the stories, change management and organizational learning is facilitated. MSC has a particular ability to capture impact in complex cross cultural social change contexts.

With the shift in monitoring and evaluation to a mixed methods approach MSC is a method that fills the gap in data collection. MSC gathers rich qualitative data that captures intangible impact and unexpected outcomes of the program.

This two day training presents MSC through practical examples and exercises.  The training is designed for active learning.
At the end of the training the participants will:
•  Understand how MSC works
•  Understand how MSC fits into a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework,
•  Know the best situation to use MSC and when not to use MSC
•  Understand how MSC facilitates development of stakeholder relationships and organizational learning & development
•  Have learnt through practical exercises, skills to undertake MSC (story collection, story selection & feedback)
•  Know the specific adaptation of MSC for an Indonesian context
•  Have designed an MSC system for your program.

Who Should Attend These Trainings?
Organisations, teams and individuals seeking to:
•  Develop a program’s direction or clarify a shared vision
•  Try something new in an organisational learning context
•  Capture intangible and unexpected outcomes

Download flyers in English and Indonesian Details of the trainers, the location, the costs and contact names and email addresses are all in the flyer

One thought on “Training: MOST SIGNIFICANT CHANGE TECHNIQUE (Indonesia)”

  1. Would be a wonderful space to understand more on MSC. I hope it will be conducted in 2010 in Indonesia.


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