Summer School On Monitoring And Evaluation Of International Programmes And Public Policies

Date: June 8 to 13, 2009

The 2009 Summer School On Monitoring And Evaluation Of International Programmes And Public Policies is part of the University of Bologna International Summer School Programme. It is organised by the Centre for International Development ( in cooperation with the Faculty of Political Sciences, the Department of Economics, and the Department of Political Science of the University of Bologna and with the Office for International Programmes of the State University of New York at Albany.

This year’s Summer School title topic is: Poverty Reduction, Social Policy And The Public-Service Delivery Approach, as it focuses on monitoring and evaluation of poverty reduction policies and the public-service delivery approach. Poverty reduction and social policy have been designed and implemented focusing on a control-and-command approach by governments and hinging on structural and public-sector reforms. After considerable failure to deliver services and reduce poverty, emphasis has shifted to capacity building and systems of governance. Yet, service delivery has remained poor. The public-service delivery approach, by emphasising proper targeting, performance indicator tracking and accountability of all levels of government involved, can put effective policy making at the centre-stage of the poverty reduction agenda.

The Summer School will benefit from the contribution of trainers, both academics and professionals, who are all outstanding experts in their field, building on the public-service delivery approach heralded by Prof. Michael Barber, former head of Mr. Tony Blair’s Government Delivery Unit, who will feature as a trainer and key note speaker. Highly interactive, with extensive use of practical exercises, the course will provide an introduction to this increasingly important discipline, for the first time through the public-service delivery approach applied to poverty reduction and social policy programmes.

This year’s Summer School will be a 6-day intensive course delivered in English, open to applicants from any country and background, giving 4 credits graded by the ECTS system. The School will be held in Bologna from June 8th to June 13th, 2009. Application forms may be downloaded at and submitted by May 8th, 2009. Enrolment fee is € 1,500, and scholarships are available for participants from low-income countries. You may also inquire with Prof. Pier Giorgio Ardeni, Director of the School, at Venue: REGISTRATION DEADLINE: May 8, 2009


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