Pilot training course on the DCED Standard for results measurement

Date: 7-11 September 2009
Venue: Thailand,

In response to growing demands to measure results, the DCED (Donor Committee for Enterprise Development) has been working with PSD (Private Sector Development) programmes in the field to define minimum elements for credible results measurement. These elements include:

  • articulation of the results chain(s) or logic;
  • definition of appropriate indicators;
  • good measurement practice;
  • attribution;
  • capturing wider changes in the market; and
  • relating results to costs.

The elements have been incorporated into a Standard, which has been advertised through the networks of member agencies, and through five Workshops – and which is now being applied by many programmes – particularly those seeking ways to quantify and communicate what they are achieving, with credibility. The approach calls for an independent auditor to review the quality of the measurement methodology, rather than to repeat the measurement process. For more information, please refer to www.enterprise-development.org/page/measuring-and-reporting-results

The DCED is preparing a training course, to cover the skills required to meet the Standard. After the course, participants will be able to improve their organisation’s internal results measurement systems to the level required by the Standard, or to help other organisations to do so. This Announcement is for the first such course.

Who is the course for?
The course is particularly for those who already have experience in being:

  • Managers and M & E specialists of development programmes in the field, working in any area of private sector development (PSD); or
  • Consultants in results measurement, who are interested either to provide technical support to PSD programmes and/or to become an auditor for the Standard.

There will be a limit of 60 on the number of participants, so there may need to be a maximum allocation per agency; in that case, the DCED will ensure a fair allocation, and each agency HQ will choose whom to nominate within that allocation. Please be aware that this is the first such course, and that further courses will be offered in the future; preference will be given to applicants with experience of results measurement, to staff of programmes and agencies already participating in the initiative, and to consultants wishing to become auditors.

What will the course consist of?
The main course, aimed particularly at programme staff, will run from Monday morning 7th September to Thursday evening 10th September; it will cover all aspects of the current Standard, including the skills needed to meet it. Examples, case studies and exercises will be provided, drawing on actual cases from around the world. If there is sufficient demand, a fast training stream will be offered to those who have already participated in one of the DCED workshops on results measurement.

Consultants and potential auditors will also participate in this course, but will work separately from Thursday lunchtime until Friday evening 11th September; that part of the course will cover auditing skills, and in particular what the acceptable minimum level should be, for programmes to comply with each element of the Standard. There will also be a short exam at the end of the course, for potential auditors, to ensure that understanding meets the minimum level required of auditors.

How much will it cost?
The course fee is US$500 per person, payable in advance; the fee may be waived (at the discretion of DCED) in the case of consultants who do not have institutional sponsorship. Participants must also meet their own travel costs, including flights, accommodation, meals (except lunches during the course) and all insurances; the DCED will cover the costs of the trainers and venue.

Where will it be held?
The course will be held in Thailand, either in Chiang Mai or Bangkok; those accepted for participation will be advised of the final venue, and are encouraged to stay in the hotel where the training course will be held.

How do I express interest?
Please write in the first instance to Results@Enterprise-Development.org indicating your experience to date in results measurement, the work of your programme (if any) and whether you would like to also join the training module for auditors, or to remain with the training for programme staff.
We look forward to hearing from you!


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