Date: July 27-August 1, 2009
Venue: Held at the University of  Ottawa, Canada

This Six-Day PM&E Workshop will show you how to:

*Rethink your own monitoring & evaluation strategies and approaches;
*Master and learn new innovative participatory PM & E tools for the workplace;
*Facilitate PM & E processes for your project, programme or organization;
*Develop monitoring and evaluation plans in a more participatory manner;
* Integrate gender, ethnicity, class and sexuality issues and concerns to your PM&E work;
*Integrate qualitative and participatory methods into monitoring and evaluation.


Monitoring and Evaluation is a vital management tool. Communities, organizations and development organizations need to know how effective their efforts have been. But, a key question being asked is “Who should make these judgements, and on what basis?”. Too often, it is outside “experts” who are completing the report card primarily to fulfill an accountability function for the funding organization.

Participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) is a different approach involving a wide range of stakeholders such as local people (women and men, boys and girls) , community organizations, NGOs, and development agencies deciding together about how to measure results and what actions should follow once this information has been collected and analysed. PM&E can reveal valuable lessons and improve accountability for all stakeholders, not simply the funding organization.

For local women and men stakeholders, PM & E is an opportunity to build their own capacity to reflect and analyse their program’s progress and the action that might be required to take corrective action. These are essential ingredients to helping stakeholders to establish, own and implement their own monitoring and evaluation systems.

Why You Should Attend?

It is imperative that we begin to critically examine more conventional approaches to monitoring and evaluation that have failed to build capacity of local stakeholders to reflect, analyse and act on their own initiatives. Development initiatives must be more responsive and accountable to local communities, organizations and Government. Involving local stakeholders in a more participatory monitoring and evaluation process is critical to building capacity, learning and action for informing their own decision-making. Development agencies, NGOs and intermediaries can take a leading role to
spearhead such efforts and develop monitoring and evaluation systems that are more responsive.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is intended for

* Project Managers & Officers who are responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of their programs/projects;
* Directors and Program staff of Monitoring and Evaluation units;
* Community leaders and workers with project responsibilities;
*Decision-makers who are looking at new ways to redesign their own operations to make them more participatory and responsive to local needs;
* Consultants called upon to provide technical expertise in the areas of PM and E.
*Action Researchers interested in applying qualitative research methods to their work.

Workshop Structure

This is an intensive six day workshop set in the community to maximize learning, group interaction and networking. Sessions begin at 8:30 in the morning and run all day including some evenings.

Day 1 Introduction to Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E)

*Setting the context the origins of participatory monitoring and evaluation
*Key concepts related to participatory monitoring and evaluation
*Who are the Question-makers in PM&E?
*Skills and attributes of a PM&E facilitator

Day 2 Learning the PM&E Tools
*Participants will learn a wide range of tools that are essential to facilitating participatory monitoring and evaluation processes.
*Participants will learn semi-structured interviewing, formulating open vs close-ended questions, using qualitative and quantitative indicators.
*Participants will have many opportunities to practice and hone their facilitation skills learning how to effectively deal with saboteurs and dominators.
*Finally, participants will be exposed to a range of PRA and PLA tools such as community mapping, ranking and sorting, venn diagrams, seasonal calendars, and gender -race/class sensitive tools to be applied to a PM & E context.

Day 3 More PM&E tools and Preparing for the Community Practicum Clinic

*Participants will learn more PM&E tools to apply to the workplace.
*Anaylze team strengths and weaknesses
*Set team objectives
* Define team strategies for the community assignment
* Departure for the community assignment.

Day 4 & 5 Practice PM&E Assignments in the Community

Mosaic will organize three-day community assignments based on monitoring and evaluation needs and issues identified by the community. Project teams will work together intensively, practicing tools learned in the workshop and adapting them to real life situations.

Day 6 Group Reports, Building Your Action Plan & Evaluation
*presentation of team reports by each group
*preparing an action plan for when you return to your workplace
*evaluation and wrap-up.

How Will This be Achieved?

This is a practical, iterative and hands-on workshop. The format will vary between small group work and discussion, plenary, and practical community assignments to encourage the sharing of knowledge and application of participatory concepts and tools to real life situations.  Participants will go out into the community on a daily basis to apply tools and to learn by doing.

The community practice assignments will be in one of five different communities in and around  Ottawa. Teams of participants will carry out a simulated participatory development exercise, using the tools learned in the workshop. Where appropriate, links will be made to existing community groups and their issues. Evening meetings and on-going team-building exercises will be part of this process.

The Workshop Site and Accommodations

The workshop site has been selected to maximize the learning experience and will take place at the University of Ottawa conveniently located in
the heart of Ottawa.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodations and meals. Accommodations range in price from CAD $25-$120 per night depending on your budget and taste. Accommodations listed on our enclosed information sheet and the web site Briefing page are all within walking distance of the workshop. Reservations should be made early to avoid disappointment.

Workshop Facilitators

Françoise Coupal is Director of International, Inc. a private consulting firm dedicated to providing innovative solutions to development. Françoise is an experienced facilitator and trainer in participatory methods having designed and delivered successful workshops for the World Bank, the UNDP, CIDA, UNIFEM, the World Food Programme and a variety of International Non-Governmental Organizations. Françoise has worked closely with organizations to mainstream participatory methods and approaches into their management practices.  She worked on developing a PM&E system for a Maternal and Child Development Program in  China and is working in Niger and Mexico to do the same.  Françoise holds graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Carleton University in International Affairs and Development Studies in particular. She undertook her Bachelor of Arts at UCLA .

Philip Cox specializes in performance management as it relates to international and local social development initiatives. He applies participatory approaches to evaluation, project/program planning and to training on the methods of results based planning, management and reporting. In the past four years, Philip and his colleagues at Calgary, Canada -based PLAN:NET have pioneered a training/coaching approach to assist project managers grapple with new results-focused funding requirements. The approach centres on the image of a person dropping a rock into a pond, creating a splash and ripple. The image is used to demystify the vocabulary of performance management and to help people visualize and document their activities and intended results. Philip and colleagues offer hands on training and post training coaching/advice as needed. To date, he has delivered more than 50 such trainings to participants of more than 500 non-profit organizations, university teams, and government departments/agencies.

Helen Patterson works with Agrodev, a private consulting firm. She has worked with various organizations including the World Bank, UNDP,CIDA, GTZ, and has lived and worked in Malawi, Madagascar, Costa Rica and Egypt. She has carried out training in participatory methods for project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation with a wide variety of organizations and community groups. Helen holds a B.A. in Economics from McGill University, an M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Wales, and is currently carrying out graduate work at Concordia University in Organizational Development and Change.

Registration Fee

Fee per participant CAD/USD $1150.   (A 10 % discount is given to  NGOs, community groups and full-time students).  Please note that all participants should have a  basic knowledge of English and be able to express themselves in the English language.

The workshop fee includes Workshop fees, a binder of tools and resource materials, snacks and coffee.

We look forward to your participation.  Full details are available at  We look forward to your participation.


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    I would like to express my sincere interest for your training program on monitoring & evaluation strategies and approaches Workshop coming up between July 27-August 1, 2009. I would appreciate you advice on how to register for the program.

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  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to particiate for your monitoring & evaluation training program. I’m working as a monitoring & evaluation officer in the University Grants Commission. Our organisation is a apex body of higher education in Nepal but our organization could not pay that much of fees, pls. give me a chance to learn free of cost (if possible). And also send me application procedure and other process.

    Thank u Very much.

    Dambar Lal Shresha
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  3. Dear sir/madam,
    I would like to express my interest in your six days PM&E training. I will be looking forward to your advice of registration.

    Elijah Nyirenda.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to express my sincere interest for your training program on monitoring & evaluation strategies and approaches Workshop coming up between July 27-August 1, 2009. I would appreciate you advice on how to register for the program.

    Thank you
    Paschal Chacha

  5. Is there any funding opportunity availiable for participatory-monitoring-and-evaluation-workshop?
    In fact my organization have not got the fund to send me for this wonderful activity.

    M&E Officer
    CNFA Pakistan

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to participate in your monitoring & evaluation training program. I’m working as a planning , monitoring & evaluation officer in the Planning department of government of Jammu &Kashmir(J&K) India . since J&K is a trouble torn state and is the most none too affluent state of India therefore it would be highly appreciated if i am given a chance to participate in this programme either free of cost or on a subsidized cost. if that meets the approval , i would like to have further details so that i am able to process for my deputation for the course from my government.

    Thank u Very much.

    Sajid Yehaya Naqash
    Deputy Director
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    Thanks for initiating a PM&E training.

    I am an M&E officer working with an NGO in a developing country in West Africa. I would like you to suggest names of possible individuals and organisations) that can sponsor some intending participants to attend the training.


  8. Dear sir/Madam
    I would like to let you know that I am inerested in applying for the six days programme en monitoring and evaluation training course.

    Could you please send me an appliction form in order to apply for the course on time.

    Iam looking forward to hearing from you
    Thank you very much
    Dr sadou sow

  9. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am an Ag, dirictor of agric with an M&E background working with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana.
    My interest is basically seeing projects implemented successfull. However, for all these years I had only a surface training in management information systems. I would wish if I can benefit from from training to enable me have an indeepth knowledge of the tools used.

  10. Iam an M&E officer working with the Ministry of Agriculture (Kenya).Iam interested in attending your M&E course in August. I would like your advice on how to register and link me to organizations that can sponsor me.



  11. I’m working with one of biggest INGO as M&E officer. I am completely interest to participate in this workshop but still wondering HOW…, I’m pretty sure that my organization will allow me to go because of shortage of fund.

  12. Zimbabwe adopted RBM components and practice in 2005. What has come as a challenge is the designing of practical PM&E Models. Successfully Implementation of IRBM can not achieved without this PM&E approach, we have noted. I work as an RBM trainer, M&E focal person and planner in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development. This workshop is a solution to the practical challenges i face in trying to make senior management implement IRBM for the benefits of the community and stakeholders. Can the application procedures be extended to me to source for funding. I might approach the IRBM Secretariat in Zimbabwe about the workshop. Im interested to attend and participate in this workshop. Thanks

    Sithole Humbe
    Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development
    P.O.Box CY595
    Causeway, Harare.Zimbabwe
    Telephone: 2634700991-9
    cell: 26311870885

  13. I would like to know more details about this training venue and if there are possibilities of accomodation being provided. Furthermore, when is the deadline for registration and are there any scholarships available.


  14. I am Design Monitoring and Evaluation coordinator working with an NGO in a developing country in Sri Lanka(South Asia). I would like you to suggest names of possible individuals and organisations) that can sponsor some intending participants to attend the training.



  15. I am attached to a National NGO, LEADS in Sri Lanka in the capacity of Donor Liaison Coordinator. I am involved in reporting back to funding partners and M&E is a key responsibility of my Job.I would very much like to participate in this course but my Organisation is not able to sponsor this much of a course fee. Would you know of an organisation who would be able to sponsor the course for me pls? Pls advice!!

  16. i am astudent of Management Science at a Kenyan University am aspiring to be a M&E&e specialist could you plaease gude me on the right track to this goal:professional courses to take to organizations where i can offer free services.

  17. This a very good and inspiring event that I believe will add value to what I a m doing in the community. The only challenging thing is funds.

    Kindly advice me because Iam faced with financial challenges.
    I stay in Kenya.

  18. Thanks for this resourceful platform that is coming in June (Participatory M&E).

    I work for Kenyan national NGO dealing with children.

    Could there be a funding prospect for participants like me who have overwhelming ‘appetite’ for this workshop but are limited with funds? Please advise.

    Thanks once more!

  19. Dear Sir,

    I would be greatful if I could be considered to attent this course. Please, kindly send the details of how I can apply and the related costs.

    Kind regards

    Tadeyo Kachunga Lungu

  20. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to particiate for your M&E training program. I’m working as a Director monitoring & evaluation in the Ministry of Health. Unfortunately My organization could not pay the tution fees . I would like to learm more on M&E if I can a chance . Aprociate reciving application etc.


    Mohamed Saeed
    Director M&E
    MOH, Male’ maldives
    Phone: 9784196

  21. I would like to particiate for your M&E training program. I’m working as a researcher on economics and monitoring & evaluation is part of my responsibilities with the Ministry of agriculture,food security and cooperatives.Having the chance to participate in this course it will be of useful to my career and performance.I would like to learm more on M&E if I can a chance . Aprociate reciving application award for it.

    Sincerly Lyimo,F.

  22. Dear sir/madam,

    I am very interested to enhance my capacity in PM&E field. Therefore, I would like to attend this short term training but unfortunately, individually I could not able to pay that much of registration fees and my office have not provision of paying for such training. Therefore, pls could you inform me is there any kind of scholarship for this training or would you provide me suggestion how to search sponsor. Thank you

    With regards
    Kshitij Yadav
    Monitoring and Documentation Officer
    ‘Transformation for Women Empowerment SAKCHAM project’,
    CARE Nepal

  23. I would like to participate in the workshop on PM&E. I am currently a manager of INGO for a local governance project with a responsibility of monitoring and evaluation. Could you pls let me know the registration process for this workshop.

    Tirtha Sarathi Sikder,
    Regional Coordinator, Intercooperation Local Governance programme,

  24. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to express my sincere interest for your training program on monitoring & evaluation strategies and approaches Workshop coming up between July 27-August 1, 2009. I would appreciate you advice on how to register for the program.

    Thank you,

    M. Banaras
    M&E Officer
    Relief International
    Cell # 0092-345-5104523

  25. As you know , Afghanistan is a post conflict country and three decades of war and internal conflicts have damaged all the systems particularly the health system has badly affected and the health indicators (MMR and IMR) are worst in the world . The health system is now dependent on donor funding. Accessing to higher and professional educations are very limited or lacked …

    Although I have been working as M&E consultant for the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan , I face with my many challenges in the M&E system. I believe attending to these type of international training and short course would have a great affect and impact on both, my professional skills and the health system of our country.

    I do want to participate this PME training course , but I can’t afford to cover all the expenses , on the other hand we don’t have any budgets for such programs. Therefore I would like to ask you if you can provide me any kind of supports ( Scholarship or semi scholarship) or …

    I will be very grateful for your assistance and support in advance ; I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Daud Azimi

  26. Dear Sir/Madam.
    Thank you very much for the announcement of this valuable course. I am very interested to participate in this relevent training course.I have associated with the various NGOs and Government organisations for 18 years in the area of natural resource mgt. focusing on community development program.Please inform me if there is still time to register for this Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation training to be held from 27 july 2009.I would like to share about PM&E what we have done in the field as a model at the first time in Nepal in natural resource mgt sector.Pls also tell me whether I can get sponsorship for all costs including two way travel or not because I am not able to manage from my own NGO.

    Thank you!


    Gokul Adhikari

  27. Re sponsorship possibilities

    If sponsorship was available then this would be publicised within the information given above about the event.

  28. I would like to participate in your monitoring & evaluation training program. I’m working as a program Manager – in the (CPA) disputed states in Sudan in a recovery and rehabilitation program.

    I am able to raise funds for the ticket but am looking forward if sponsorship funds are available from your organization to cover tuition and accommodation

    I look forward for your favorable response.

    Richard Obwaya
    Program Manager
    World Vision- Blue Nile State Program

  29. I am very much interested in this workshop, especially afetr reading the content. I do not think i will be able to attend the workshop due to financial constraints. May you kindly email me documents that i can read to enhance my knowledge on this generous area.

    I look forward to your favourable response

    Anna Shifotoka
    M&E Officer
    Namibia Global Fund Programme

  30. Dear Sir/Madam:

    I, Heng Naret,Cambodian,am a graduate student in Communty Development at University of the Philippines Los Banos in the Philippines.
    I do want to joint this PME training course , but I can’t afford to cover all the expenses. So, I would like to ask you if you can provide me any kind of supports ( Scholarship.

    I will be very thankful for your kindness support from your institution; I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,

    Heng Naret

  31. I’m interested in the M&E workhop.I work as a Training ,M&E Manager in South African HIV and AIDS campaign. Please provide details

  32. Dear/Sir Madam
    This can bring a change in my carrier and in My countries M&E system Ethiopia. Could you please advice me if there is any scholarship Chances.

    Best Regards
    Amelework H/Slassie
    M&E Specialist

  33. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a graduating student of Sociology and Social Anthropology and working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in a certain HIV prevention NGO in Ethiopia and I want to enhance my knowledge of M&E so that i kindly request your support to give me the opportunity as i can’t afford the fee


    Abeje Israel
    M&E Officer

  34. I would like to participate in the workshop on PM&E. I am currently a supervise data management in MUHAS-Harvard collaborative project l need to have this course please let me know next topic in this year 2010.

  35. Dear Sir/Madam
    I’m interesting with E&M strategies which concerning with my current work especially using for daily practices with stakeholders who involved of agricultural and rural development. Now I’m working for Health Unlimited I want to use this tool in my current work, because it can help me to absorb people to understand about my activities. If I can attend free of charge any workshop trainings or other opportunity I’m very much appreciated for you.
    Best regards


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