14 thoughts on “The MandE NEWS email list now has 2000+ members!”

  1. We are growing fast! I hope the new comers will contribute something for the group. Kudos to Rick – this all is your effort.

  2. Well done to Rick for creating this space for us to share ideas and experiences. I am always in the background but I use a lot of the materials here. I also congratulate other members of this site.

  3. Congratulations! this just shows that more people are into M&E and therefore we could learn so much from each other.

  4. Congratulations Rick

    This shows the need that you have catered to.

    Thanks for your sustained support for MandE News

  5. Congratulations Rick and the M and E news listserv. A clear indication of the vital place of Ma dn e in development and the desire of people to do this properly and effectively through keeping abreast with current thinking and trends in M and E

  6. This is surely an amazing feat…more so because this site has been an inspiration for my M&E work. Big up to Rick for the efforts…and every member for their postings and discussions.

    let’s keep monitoring…

  7. Ricks and all congragulations to the 200th member,thanks alot and I believe this platform will grow to be the best platform for sharing,learning and improved perfomance in development work.

  8. As a member of this forum, I am feeling proud to know this messages, Congratulations Rick and the M and E news listserv. I remain this is a place/room where one development prictionners can share/gather effective information for personal/Institutional development.

    Nazrul Islam
    Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
    Savar ADP, World Vision Bangladesh

  9. Hey Rick,

    This is an outstanding result across the world of Evaluation. I must say in all you and Craig Russon have made tremendous contributions to development of evaluation using one of the most difficult meduim (discussion list)amongst many to engage people,promote learning and share knowledge.

    I congratulate you and the entire list members on this occassion. Ihave started something like this four years ago am still counting but also supporting engagement. To me it is an envidence that it can work so I still remain patient.

    Keep counting Rick we are with you!!!


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