Monthly summaries of postings on the MandE NEWS email list

Maren Thompson, Course Coordinator at IMA International produces monthly summaries of the postings on the MandE NEWS email list, including links that were mentioned in the postings. This work has previously been done by Nicky David and Ros MacDonald, also of IMA International. The monthly summaries are MS Word documents. They are listed by month below:


May 2007 | June 2007 | July 2007 | August 2007 | September 2007 | October 2007 | November 2007 | December 2007 |

January 2008 | February 2008 | April 2008 | May 2008 | June 2008 | July 2008 | August 2008 | September 2008 | October 2008 | November-December 2008 |

January-2009| February-2009| March 2009 | April 2009 | May 2009 | June 2009 |

10 thoughts on “Monthly summaries of postings on the MandE NEWS email list”

  1. To
    Nicky David,

    The monthly summaries are excellent and very informative, especially for those who are in the field of M&E and want to upgrade themselves about the trends happening in M&E worldwide. I’am a PH.D scholar from India and found this site very useful as my area of research is M&E of social developent programmes.
    Thank you

  2. Dear Nicky
    Great job. The summaries help us to clear understanding all comment and input.


  3. Nicky,

    Well done for a good job. I find this very useful and hope others find it interesting too.


    Joseph Ajegwu
    UNDP, Nigeria

  4. This is a good effort. I’m first time making a comments here. Hope it will be continued.

    Best regards



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