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  1. Appropriate monitoring and Evaluation tools for water resources management project especially for drinking water supply, irrigation, micro-hydro and environmental ecology in rural areas. Monitoring and evaluation tools to manage rural development projects.

  2. Thanks for this important resource. I will be delighted to recieve/share M&E updates, particulary on NGOs work in sub-Saharan Africa. More specifically published research works.

    Thank you
    Kasule Kibirige

  3. Hi to those who have already expressed interest, via the Comments above.

    You need to click on the link to the M&E NEWS email list, at the top of this page. And then join the email list. Posting your request through a Comment here is not sufficient

  4. Thanks to this which provides excwounderfull resource which reovides excellent minds an opportunity to share updated professional knowledge on various M&E issues


    G.M Shah

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