Annual Praxis Commune on Participatory Development

Date: 19th – 28th August, 2008
Venue: KILA Campus, Thrissur (Kerala), India

This residential workshop acts as a forum for participants from across the world to come together for reflection and learning. It provides both, a theoretical understanding of participatory approaches/tools as well as the opportunity to apply them in the field. The ten days include general and specific module based theory, three days in various rural, peri-urban and urban field settings, as appropriate to the module content and finally a sharing, reflection and feedback session.

Now in its twelfth year, this programme has attracted more than 1100 participants from 30 countries. These have included, students and people working with and for NGOs, CBOs and government agencies.

Past modules have included Micro Level Planning, Training of Trainers, Project Management, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, Participatory Research and Participatory Poverty Assessment.

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One thought on “Annual Praxis Commune on Participatory Development”

  1. I am Luis Alberto Chiengue, from Angola working for Care- Angola especificaly for MDP Project ( Municipal development project),in M&E, I am willing to atend this event, for that I would like more information in case it still possible to atend, if so please send also the application form,
    Kind Regards,


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