Upcoming training opportunities with Jess Dart of Clear Horizon

Date: 13-17th October 2008
Venue: Melbourne, Australia
Upcoming training opportunities with Jess Dart of Clear Horizon.

Build a People-Centred Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting & Improvement (MERI) Framework AU$800
Two days: 13th & 14th October

Course Description: Increasingly, project teams are involved in designing monitoring, evaluation, frameworks. Having a strong program logic element, this people-centred approach uses targeted stakeholders as the organising construct to clarify project design and then develop an effective and meaningful monitoring and evaluation framework. This workshop follows a series of steps that provide a pathway for planning that takes into account clarification of program goals, articulation of how we expect these to be achieved and therefore how best to collect evidence on whether we are on track. This includes consideration of evaluation purpose, key evaluation questions, and appropriate methods for collecting information.

Most Significant Change (MSC) Technique AU$800
Two day workshop: 15th & 16th October

Course Description: MSC is a powerful tool for monitoring, evaluation and organisational learning. MSC goes beyond merely capturing and documenting participants’ stories of impact, to offering a means of engaging in effective dialogue. Each story represents the storyteller’s interpretation of impact, which is then reviewed and discussed. The process offers an opportunity for a diverse range of stakeholders to enter into a dialogue about program intention, impact and ultimately future direction. This two day workshop provides an introduction to MSC which includes designing your own MSC process.

Evaluator as Facilitator AU$500
One day workshop: 17th October

Course Description: This workshop explores the role of facilitator as evaluator when undertaking participatory evaluations. The course includes a reflection on the two roles and explores their overlap when conducting participatory evaluation processes. In particular we share our experiences and explain how to facilitate some key participatory evaluation methods such as program logic, Most Significant Change (MSC) technique and the evaluation summit. We discuss the underlying philosophies behind approaches to evaluation and facilitation and explore practical applications in a range of contexts.


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