M&E training to be provided by Development Alternatives, India

Date: June 05-07, 2008

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning System (MEAL)


The principle of Monitor what You want to Manage has implications at two critical levels: one, that each monitoring system should be customized to the needs of the project; and second, the monitoring system should be robust and have the flexibility to adapt to changing capacities of the project over a period of time. Monitoring Evaluation and Learning System (MEAL) seeks to retain the basic principles of project management yet allow the project to identify, develop and evolve their own monitoring and review systems.

The traditional monitoring system focuses more on the input-output aspects of project management. The monitoring of processes is often overlooked or not given due emphasis. MEAL stresses project processes as an integral part of project management and develops process milestones that are regularly monitored throughout the period of project implementation.

Learning from project interventions and experiences are often captured by experts that are external to project and the beneficiary group. MEAL on the other hand develops systems where the learning of the project implementation team and the stakeholder groups including the target beneficiaries is documented and used for effective project implementation.

The training is expected to equip the senior and middle managers of project and programmes with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to develop their own monitoring, evaluation and learning systems.


The training programme will be conducted to meet the following objectives:

  • clarity on the concepts related to project monitoring evaluation and learning systems;
  • understanding of the relationship of monitoring, evaluation and learning systems with the project cycle; and
  • provide tools to develop monitoring, evaluation and learning systems within projects.


The following techniques would be used to conduct the training program.

  • Lectures/interactive sessions
  • Games/anecdotes
  • Group Discussions
  • Case studies/Group exercises
  • Brainstorming sessions/ Experience sharing
  • Training Support materials/ Handouts
  • Power-point Presentations


The training programme would cover the following:

  • Project cycle and Project objectives
  • Project Management and Project Monitoring
  • Input and Process Monitoring
  • Output Monitoring
  • Community Based Impact Assessment
  • Process and Tools of Evaluation
  • Project Learning System
  • Learning methodologies


This programme is designed for Development Professionals from NGOs, academic institutions, CSR Professionals, officers from Central and State governments, and international development organizations, who are involved in Monitoring & Evaluation of Programmes/projects.


3 Days

The training will be for a period of 3 days which will essentially consist of:

  • Class room sessions
  • A guided tour to the development models within TARAgram campus
  • An evening out to visit the Orchha temples and fort.

For more information, go to http://responsenet.org/show.detail.asp?id=9993

2 thoughts on “M&E training to be provided by Development Alternatives, India”

  1. Dear Authority,

    I want to attend any short course training in your organization. Its may be 2-more weeks. I live in Bangladesh & involved with a DAB-Perinatal care project

    Please inform me about your short training course.


  2. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am Luis Alberto, I am working for Care-Angola Here in Luanda the Capital of my country in field of M&E, for that I want attend any of your training in M&E Field
    I am looking forward to hear from you soon,
    Kind regards,


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