Results-based Management in CIDA

[from CIDA website]
CIDA uses results-based management (RBM) to better manage Canada’s international development programming from start: investment or project planning and implementation, to finish: evaluations, reporting and integrating lessons learned into future programming. This page provides a set of comprehensive guides, linked to the Results-Based Management Policy Statement 2008.

Note: The Performance Management Division of CIDA’s Strategic Policy and Performance Branch is updating results-based management (RBM) guides and supporting documents according to CIDA’s 2008 RBM policy. If you need access to one of the documents below, or if you have other requests regarding RBM at CIDA, please contact the Performance Management Division.

  • Annex 4 of the Guide for Preparing a Country Development Programming Framework: The Performance Measurement Framework
  • A Results Approach To Developing the Implementation Plan (March 2001)
  • RBM Handbook on Developing Results Chain (December 2000)
  • Guide to Project Performance Reporting: For Canadian Partners and Executing Agencies (May 1999)
  • Results-based Management in CIDA: An Introductory Guide to the Concepts and Principles (January 1999)
  • The Logical Framework: Making It Results-Oriented (November 1997)


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