Guide for the Development of Results-based Management and Accountability Frameworks

Produced by the Secretariat of the Treasury Board of Canada, 2001

Table of Contents

Section 1. Introduction to the Results-based Management and Accountability Framework (RMAF)

1.1 What is a RMAF?
1.2 Why do we need a RMAF?
1.3 Continuum of Results Measurement
1.4 Who Should Be Involved in the Development of a RMAF?
1.5 What are the Guiding Principles for this Process?

Section 2. Components of a RMAF

Section 3. Steps in the Process of Developing a RMAF

3.1 Profile
3.2 Logic Model
3.3 Ongoing Performance Measurement Strategy
3.3.1 Identification of Performance Indicators
3.3.2 Measurement Strategy
3.4 Evaluation Strategy
3.4.1 Identification of Evaluation Issues and Questions
3.4.2 Identification of Data Requirements
3.4.3 Data Collection Strategy
3.5 Reporting Strategy
3.6 Implementation and Review
3.7 Helpful Hints


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