Running Randomized Evaluations: A Practical Guide

Glennerster, Rachel, and Kudzai Takavarasha. Running Randomized Evaluations: A Practical Guide. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2013.


This book provides a comprehensive yet accessible guide to running randomized impact evaluations of social programs. Drawing on the experience of researchers at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, which has run hundreds of such evaluations in dozens of countries throughout the world, it offers practical insights on how to use this powerful technique, especially in resource-poor environments.

This step-by-step guide explains why and when randomized evaluations are useful, in what situations they should be used, and how to prioritize different evaluation opportunities. It shows how to design and analyze studies that answer important questions while respecting the constraints of those working on and benefiting from the program being evaluated. The book gives concrete tips on issues such as improving the quality of a study despite tight budget constraints, and demonstrates how the results of randomized impact evaluations can inform policy.

With its self-contained modules, this one-of-a-kind guide is easy to navigate. It also includes invaluable references and a checklist of the common pitfalls to avoid.

Provides the most up-to-date guide to running randomized evaluations of social programs, especially in developing countries

Offers practical tips on how to complete high-quality studies in even the most challenging environments

Self-contained modules allow for easy reference and flexible teaching and learning

Comprehensive yet nontechnical

Contents pages and more (via Amazon)  &    Brief chapter summaries

The first chapter “This chapter provides an example of how a randomized evaluation can lead to large-scale change and provides a road map for an evaluation and for the rest of the book”

Book review: The impact evaluation primer you have been waiting for? Mark Goldstein, Development Impact blog. 27/11/2013

YouTube video: Book launch talk (1:21) “On 21 Nov, 2013, author of “Running Randomized Evaluations” and Executive Director of J-PAL, Rachel Glennerster, launched the new book at the World Bank. This was followed by a panel discussion with Alix Zwane, Executive Director of Evidence Action, Mary Ann Bates, Deputy Director of J-PAL North America and David Evans, Senior Economist, Office of the Chief Economist, Africa Region, World Bank, led by the Head of DIME, Arianna Legovini.”


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