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If you want to talk with others about monitoring and evaluation then join the M&E NEWS email list (hosted by Yahoo). It has more than 2500 members worldwide, and is growing in size every day. Once you join you can also search the archives holding more than 4600 past postings plus hundreds of documents. There is also a (now discontinued) series of  monthly summaries of the postings here

Please note that there are also two other more specialised mailing lists managed by MandE NEWS:

  • MostSignificant Changes: 1100+ members. Now moderated by Tracey Delaney. The focus is on the use of the MSC approach to monitoring, which is qualitative and participatory and does not require the use of predefined indicators of expected change
  • Network Evaluation: 280+ members. New as of July 2004, moderated by Rick Davies. Subject: The evaluation of networks, the use of network analysis in development projects, and wider references on network analysis. NOT a general M&E network

A comprehensive list of all M&E related email lists is available here. Please help us keep this list up to date, by posting Comments about any necessary any changes or additions

You can also use the MandE NEWS Job Forum to publicise M&E related short term consultancies and full time employed positions; and the MandE NEWS Training Forum to publicise training and research opportunities. To publicise your own other related M&E services please use the MandE NEWS Visitors Links page (>200 links).

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  2. this is a very good endeavour.wish a grand success

    By ajit kumar roy on May 8, 2008

  3. Hello,
    I hope all of you will be fine. I found this forum the best for M&E professionals specially the new ones.All type of material available here is excellent. I wish best of luck to all of You.

    Highest regards.

    Sohail Anwar Malik

    By Sohail Anwar Malik on Aug 6, 2008

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